3.10. aklog.exe

The OpenAFS Client ships with its own version of aklog.exe which should be used in preference to those obtained by other sources. The OpenAFS aklog.exe supports Kerberos v5 as well as the ability to auto-generate AFS IDs within foreign PTS databases.

    Usage: aklog [-d] [[-cell | -c] cell [-k krb_realm]]
                 [[-p | -path] pathname]
                 [-noprdb] [-force]
                 [-5 [-m]| -4]

                 -d = output debugging information.
                 cell = zero or more cells for which tokens will be obtained
                 krb_realm = the kerberos realm of the cell.
                 pathname = the directory for which authentication is required
                 -noprdb = don't try to determine AFS ID.
                 -5 or -4 = use Kerberos V (default) or Kerberos IV tickets
                 -m = use krb524d to convert Kerberos V tickets to Kerberos IV