OpenAFS Meeting Summary - November 13, 2007

Attendees: Russ Allbery, Jeffrey Altman, Derrick Brashear, Todd DeSantis, Laura Stentz, Warren Yenson.

Gatekeeper Reports - Russ Allbery, Jeffrey Altman, and Derrick Brashear sent out gatekeeper reports to the Council of Elders on 11/13/07, in advance of the meeting. A summary of their reports appears below:

Derrick Brashear (UNIX Development)

Jeffrey Altman (Windows Development)

There have been three OpenAFS for Windows releases since the last Elders meeting: OpenAFS 1.5.25 (9/20/07), 1.5.26 (10/23/07), and 1.5.27 (11/7/07). Details of these releases can be found at

The following changes have been made post 1.5.27:

Future work plans for OpenAFS Windows Development include:

Russ Allbery (Debian & Documentation)

Council of Elders - Member Resignation

Warren Yenson has resigned from the OpenAFS Council of Elders since he is no longer actively involved in OpenAFS development or with OpenAFS customers. Warren had been closely involved with OpenAFS in his position at Morgan Stanley, but he has not been involved with AFS in his position at Google. However, Warren has kindly offered to talk with the Google Android team members about possible opportunities with OpenAFS. The Council of Elders would like to thank Warren for his contributions to OpenAFS and wish him well in the future.

AFS & Kerberos Best Practice Workshop

The 2008 Workshop will be held at NJIT in Newark, NJ, the week of May 19-23, 2008. There is a block of rooms available at Newark Penn Station Hilton. Registration information will be available on the website once additional details have been sorted out.

OpenAFS Newsletter

Laura will summarize this Council meeting and edit the November OpenAFS Newsletter. Todd will summarize the top 5 openafs info e-mail threads for the newsletter (some possible topics of interest include: win 2003 thread, how to integrate cvs differently cvs api with afs tokens, new linux kernels supported, use of ufs logging on solaris, klog integration). Russ will summarize the status of OpenAFS documentation for the November Newsletter.

Next Meeting

December 11, 2007 - 1:00 Eastern Time