Google Summer of Code

The OpenAFS Foundation will be applying to be a mentoring organization for OpenAFS and AFS related open source projects in the Google Summer of Code 2022.

Please contact for information.

About Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is a global, online program focused on bringing new contributors into open source software development. Contributors work with an open source organization on a 12+ week programming project under the guidance of mentors.

As of 2022, Google has opened up the program to newcomers to Open Source who are 18 years or older. Projects can be medium size (~175 hours) or large size (~350 hours). Finish times are flexible, 12 to 22 weeks, with mentor agreement.

About AFS and OpenAFS

AFS is the original cloud file system. AFS is in use at large enterprises, universities, and research institutions. The OpenAFS code base is 100% open source. Since IBM released the source code in 2000, support for new platforms have been added, performance has been improved, and maintenance and security updates are delivered by the OpenAFS project.

OpenAFS has a large, mature code base of over 800,000 lines of mostly C language code. The project includes servers, kernel modules, and command line tools. Developing code for OpenAFS gives you the opportunity to make a significant difference to a product that is in large scale production use, and to learn key development skills. We have a supportive community of developers who are keen to see new developers enter our project, and happy to help out as you get up to speed.

New developers are encouraged to join the OpenAFS developers mailing list, the #openafs IRC channel, and the Gerrit code review system.

Project Proposal Guidelines

Students are responsible for writing a proposal and submitting it to Google before the application deadline.

See the Project Ideas page for project ideas. Additionally, we welcome proposals unrelated to the ideas listed here.

A strong proposal will include, at least:

General Information

IRC Nickname
Your nickname.
Tell us about yourself. What skills do you bring to this project? What do you think you will need to learn to complete this project?
How many hours per week will you spend working on this? How many on other things? What other obligations do you have this summer? Be as specific as possible.

Project Information

Project Title
In forty characters or less, what you propose to do.
Project Description
A few paragraphs describing your project. It should not be a direct copy from the ideas page. Proposals should reveal that you have done some research into the problem and its solutions.
A list quantifiable results and related code milestones. We suggest at least two milestones before the mid-term evaluations and two after. Where appropriate, this schedule should include multiple committable or releasable points so people can benefit from and/or test your work as early as possible.
Test Plan
What parts of your code need testing and how do you plan to test them?
Project Schedule
How long will the project take?

Previous Years

OpenAFS has participated in past Google Summer of Code programs.