OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 11, November 2010

Welcome to the October issue of the OpenAFS newsletter. This newsletter summarizes what is happening in the OpenAFS community.

As always, volunteers, patches, bug reports, or any other type of help is greatly appreciated.

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There is no case study this month. Please email Jason if you would like to volunteer.

General OpenAFS Progress

On October 28th, several people toasted to the celebrate the 10th anniversary of OpenAFS. May OpenAFS have many more years ahead of it.

1.5.78 was released on November 4. This release includes numerous fixes.

The final vote counts for the afs3-standardization group are in. Congratulations to Hartmut Reuter and Doug Engert, who are the new chairs.

Chaz Chandler wrote a how-to guide on setting up a buildbot buildslave, which prompted several people to offer buildslaves. Thanks to many volunteers, we have working buildslaves for AIX on the POWER architecture, Fedora Linux on ARM, Debian on ARM. Slaves for RHEL5 x86_64, OpenSuSE, Mac OS 10.5 PPC, and MacOS 10.6 x86_64 are up and working out setup issues.

The IRIX buildslaves now run each build using multiple processes. Buildbot will now build recent changes that were missed while buildbot was down.

AFS Protocol Standardization

Discussion on these proposals is welcome and should be done on the AFS3-standardization list at

PTS Alternate Authentication

Status: Seventh Draft

Last update: August 31, 2010

A request for last call will happen soon.


AFS Callback Extensions

Status: Active - Waiting on RPC refresh

Last Update: September 23, 2009

The callback draft is stable. There is a published implementation. My understanding is that it is accepted with the requirement that it be adjusted to use RPC refresh data types, which means AFSFetchStatus64 and the new 100ns time data type. This is regarded as "trivial" but at the same time, the spec can't be standardized as is. It is planned for merge in, IIRC, 1.9/1.10.

--Matt Benjamin


Status: Active

Last Draft Update: Jan 9, 2010

A working implementation of rxgk was demonstrated at the European AFS & Kerberos Workshop in Pilsen. Whilst there is still work to be done, both on completing the implementation, and on getting the code into the OpenAFS tree, this is an important milestone. Slides from the Pilsen talk are available on their web site, the current rxgk code is, as always, available on github.

--Simon Wilkinson

AFS3 ACL Rights

Status: Second draft

Last update: January 13, 2010

We're waiting for the afs3-standardization structure to solidify before proceeding with this. So, no progress right now.

--Andrew Deason

Rx Security Object Providing Clear-text Peer Identity Assertions

Status: Third draft

Last Update: April 17, 2010

I released a new version of the Rx Clear security class I-D the other day. I am hereby soliciting comments on this new version of the draft.

The major changes in this version of the document are:


AFSVol Tag-Length-Value Remote Procedure Call Extensions

Status: Fourth Draft

Last Update: August 4, 2010

The other week I submitted a new draft to the IETF which implements the aforementioned changes (as well as a few others). The new draft is available at the following URLs:

The complete revision history is as follows:

Any comments or feedback are appreciated.


AFS Byte-Range File Locking

Status: Fifth Draft

This draft proposes protocol extensions to support byte-range and mandatory locking.

The first draft was submitted on May 5, 2010.


Demand-Attach FileServer (DAFS)

Project Contacts:

A fix for salvaging attached volumes (gerrit 2329) was merged, and an issue was found with it that was fixed and merged in gerrit 3272. fssync-debug will now automatically run the DAFS-specific version with the merged gerrit 2480. Some salvage-related parallel I/O extensions were added in gerrit 1864, but are not yet enabled. A fix for releasing a volume reference prematurely was merged in gerrit 2968.


Since DAFS is now part of the main development stream, this section will not appear in future newsletters.


Better Documentation

Project Contacts:

The Quickstart Guide was updated to include requirements for partitions and how to use the AlwaysAttach file to override those requirements. There was a minor update to the RedHat and Fedora installation instructions to use Yum instead of RPM. A reference to the salvager command was changed to dasalavager for the DAFS context, and some commands in the DAFS file server instructions were fixed. The RPM package names in the guide were updated to reflect the ones available from the OpenAFS web site.

The fs minidump man page was updated to show the default location of the dump file.


Virtual Machine Images

Project Contact:

We have update the vm images with the openafs 1.5.77. The files are available at


Rx OSD integration & Raw Vicep Access in Clients

Project Contacts:

Since the OpenAFS meeting in Pilsen I have started to send code for RXOSD to gerrit. So the integration of OpenAFS/OSD starts to be in progress.

The new client will unconditionally be prepared for RXOSD and VICEP-access so that it can be used in all cells whether they use RXOSD or not.

The server side will require expicit --enable-object-storage and/or --enable-vicep-access, however, because I suppose that most cells also in the future will prefere to run their cell without these new features.


Google Summer of Code 2010

OpenAFS received five slots for the 2010 Google Summer of Code.

Go to for more information about the GSoC projects.

Unix Support for AppleDouble files (Posix Attributes)

Student Developer: Kelli Ireland <>

Mentor: Derrick Brashear <>


No update. --Ed.

Encrypted Storage

Student Developer: Sanket Agarwal <>

Mentor: Simon Wilkinson <>


I am following up on the branch completed by Simon at This contains code for rxgk AND hcrypto. I am presently hacking code off for my hcrypto usage.


Port OpenAFS to NetBSD

Student Developer: Matt Smith <>

Mentor: Matt Benjamin <>


No Progress.

[ Stuff left to do: ] To get back to a state where it's compilable: Debug the merged Heimdal code & figure out why/how that broke it After: Creation of contents of /afs and testing/debugging of functionality for files

--Matt Smith

Projects with no progress or no update

Each project without progress this month is listed along with the month of the last update.

Gerrit Activity

To review a change, go to,NUM where NUM is the Change# shown in the lists below.


 Patches merged into the master branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-11   61 (Partial month)
 2010-10  168
 2010-09  135
 2010-08  115
 2010-07  154
 2010-06  171
 2010-05  139
 2010-04  161
 2010-03  140
 2010-02  155
 2010-01  103
 2009-12   72
 2009-11   85
 2009-10  154
 2009-09  142
 Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-11   5 (Partial month)
 2010-10   7
 2010-09   2
 2010-08  10
 2010-06   2
 2010-05  15
 2010-04   4
 2010-03  28
 2010-02  35
 2010-01  11
 2009-12  92
 2009-11  21
 2009-10   7
 2009-09   8

Patches merged into the master branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-11-17 Derrick Brashear (3316) roken build vsyslog
 2010-11-16 Derrick Brashear (3311) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-11-16 Andrew Deason    (3289) Use afs_foff_t for file offsets
 2010-11-16 Derrick Brashear (3310) import vsyslog from roken for AIX
 2010-11-15 Anders Kaseorg   (3278) Linux: Fix prototypes for afs_xsetgroups and sys_setgroupsp and friends
 2010-11-15 Hartmut Reuter   (3013) RXOSD and VICEP-ACCESS fields and bits in afs.h
 2010-11-15 Anders Kaseorg   (3277) Linux: Fix prototypes for sys_setgroups_stub and sys32_setgroups_stub
 2010-11-15 Andrew Deason    (2647) ubik: Record the last write tid in writeTidCounter
 2010-11-15 Derrick Brashear (3297) avoid requeueing callbacks during shutdown
 2010-11-15 Andrew Deason    (3291) afscp: Add -s option
 2010-11-15 Marc Dionne      (3298) Lockless path through afs_linux_dentry_revalidate
 2010-11-15 Andrew Deason    (2984) viced: Add options for interrupting clients
 2010-11-15 Andrew Deason    (3216) vol: Interrupt RX calls accessing offlining vols
 2010-11-15 Andrew Deason    (3215) vol: Add interfaces for registering RX calls
 2010-11-15 Andrew Deason    (3214) vol: Add VGetVolumeTimed
 2010-11-14 Jeffrey Altman   (3304) Windows: ktc_ListTokensEx stub assignment error
 2010-11-14 Jeffrey Altman   (3303) Windows: clean token.h/token.xdr.c from src/auth
 2010-11-12 Andrew Deason    (2873) viced: Allow checkout of VOL_STATE_DELETED volumes
 2010-11-12 Andrew Deason    (3301) doc: Fix fileserver synopsis
 2010-11-12 Hartmut Reuter   (3293) Use port in ugen_ClientInit
 2010-11-12 Andrew Deason    (3290) afscp: Always show fetch/store errors
 2010-11-12 Andrew Deason    (3296) vos release: Avoid full dump on all sites
 2010-11-11 Andrew Deason    (2484) Fix util test dependencies
 2010-11-11 Michael Meffie   (3294) viced: fix missing host lock in h_Enumerate
 2010-11-11 Andrew Deason    (2865) salvager: Do not break cbks when salvaging parts
 2010-11-09 Tom Keiser       (2979) vol: make namei_ListAFSSubDirs deal with multiple/bad linktables
 2010-11-09 Alejandro R. Sedeno (3273) Linux: use DEFINE_MUTEX for afs_linux_alloc_sem on newer kernels
 2010-11-08 Marc Dionne      (3281) Cache bypass: make readpage deal with reads at end of file
 2010-11-08 Andrew Deason    (2872) volser: Do not FSYNC_VOL_DONE temporary volumes
 2010-11-08 Jeffrey Altman   (3285) rxperf: use parallel connections
 2010-11-08 Marc Dionne      (3282) Cache bypass: adjust read size for non-contiguous readpages
 2010-11-08 Jeffrey Altman   (3279) RX: rxi_PrepareSendPacket drops call lock; WaitforTQ required
 2010-11-08 Andrew Deason    (3274) vol: Do not give back not-checked-out vols
 2010-11-08 Marc Dionne      (3283) Cache bypass: release and unlock pages when we get 0-length reply
 2010-11-06 Simon Wilkinson  (3160) rx: Reorganise includes
 2010-11-06 Michael Meffie   (3268) Windows: fix keystroke delay in waitkey
 2010-11-06 Michael Meffie   (3257) avoid private stdio fields in waitkey
 2010-11-05 Andrew Deason    (3272) DAFS: Do not let VScheduleSalvage_r free vp
 2010-11-05 Derrick Brashear (3180) merge ntops and namei
 2010-11-05 Derrick Brashear (3270) RedHat:  Remove potpourri.h from RedHat SPEC file manifest
 2010-11-05 Marc Dionne      (3266) Cache bypass: Fix oops in bypass transition functions
 2010-11-04 Andrew Deason    (3263) RX: Fix old rx_stats incrementors
 2010-11-04 Andrew Deason    (3262) krb5_free_string takes a krb5_context
 2010-11-04 Andrew Deason    (3261) tsm: Make explicit rules for stem-changing targets
 2010-11-04 Andrew Deason    (3260) UKERNEL: f_fsid is a struct on AIX
 2010-11-04 Andrew Deason    (3259) afsd: Pass cacheMountDir to aix_vmount
 2010-11-04 Andrew Deason    (3258) Use termios.h for winsize test where available
 2010-11-04 Marc Dionne      (3244) volser: add missing Makefile dependencies
 2010-11-03 Marc Dionne      (3245) Linux: 2.6.37 - replace get_sb with mount
 2010-11-03 Hartmut Reuter   (2952) Make osi_fetchstore.c protocol independent
 2010-11-03 Rod Widdowson    (3187) Docs: Specify where the Windows mini dump file is written
 2010-11-03 Derrick Brashear (3219) rx mutex inversion fix
 2010-11-03 Jeffrey Altman   (3220) Windows: Do not leak cm_volume_t objects from the LRU queue
 2010-11-02 Jeffrey Altman   (3177) vol: attach2 must always return with VOL_LOCK held
 2010-11-02 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (3207) afs: minor cleanup for LINUX struct vcache
 2010-11-02 Andrew Deason    (2329) DAFS: Fix demand-salvages of attached volumes
 2010-11-02 Andrew Deason    (3213) Cleanup VOffline log message for non-DAFS
 2010-11-02 Andrew Deason    (3217) QSG: DAFS uses dasalvager
 2010-11-01 Derrick Brashear (3208) check for error_message
 2010-11-01 Derrick Brashear (3194) kill off afs/debug.h
 2010-11-01 Simon Wilkinson  (3191) Add libroken as its own library
 2010-10-31 Simon Wilkinson  (3204) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-31 Simon Wilkinson  (3202) auth: Use Kernel XDR for kernel tokens
 2010-10-31 Simon Wilkinson  (3201) util: netutils never builds in the kernel ...
 2010-10-31 Simon Wilkinson  (3190) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-31 Simon Wilkinson  (3203) Import still more files from libroken
 2010-10-31 Marc Dionne      (3199) Linux: remove stale prototype and references for read_super
 2010-10-30 Jason Edgecombe  (3158) Quickstart Guide: Add some verbiage about /vicepXX/AlwaysAttach
 2010-10-30 Marc Dionne      (3198) rxosd: allow parallel make
 2010-10-30 Rod Widdowson    (3197) QuickStart Unix: use dafs type and name for demand attach file services
 2010-10-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (3196) FBSD: correct and simplify vcache eviction routines
 2010-10-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (3195) FBSD: lock interlock around v_usecount accesses
 2010-10-30 Derrick Brashear (3163) RPM scripts should allow newbinary restart to restart
 2010-10-29 Derrick Brashear (3192) What the cache manager needs to know about rxosd
 2010-10-29 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (3012) afs: clean afs_osi_Alloc() usage
 2010-10-29 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (3010) afs: afs_osi_Alloc_NoSleep() cleanup
 2010-10-29 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (3011) afs: simplify afs_osi_alloc.c
 2010-10-29 Rod Widdowson    (3193) windows: terminate multi_sz correctly
 2010-10-29 Rod Widdowson    (3176) windows: native versions of ih_pread and ih_pwrite
 2010-10-29 Jeffrey Altman   (3179) vol: Use OSI_NULLSOCKET and not -1 to indicate invalid fssync fd
 2010-10-29 Jeffrey Altman   (3178) vol: Always use INVALID_FD to indicate an invalid fd
 2010-10-29 Phillip Moore    (3009) Fix fs bypassthreshold to accept a size of -1 to disable
 2010-10-29 Phillip Moore    (3008) fs getfid defaults to '.', like other path-related commands
 2010-10-29 Phillip Moore    (3007) fs getfid output changed for consistency with Windows implementation
 2010-10-29 Phillip Moore    (3005) Makes fs getfid error handling consistent with other fs commands
 2010-10-29 Jeffrey Altman   (3181) Windows: Finish converting vol apps to pthread only
 2010-10-29 Simon Wilkinson  (3189) Import: Add roken files from heimdal
 2010-10-29 Simon Wilkinson  (3188) shlib-build: Add ignore option
 2010-10-29 Marc Dionne      (3185) ubik: Set but not used variables
 2010-10-29 Marc Dionne      (3184) bucoord: Set but not used variables
 2010-10-29 Marc Dionne      (3183) xstat: Set but not used variables
 2010-10-29 Benjamin Kaduk   (3186) FBSD: fix dumb panic when we can't pfind rxk_Listener
 2010-10-28 Derrick Brashear (3149) explain yacc build product dependency so it is not removed
 2010-10-28 Marc Dionne      (3165) bucoord: parallel make fix
 2010-10-28 Rod Widdowson    (3182) Windows:  fix built in touch
 2010-10-27 Rod Widdowson    (3175) windows: preserve lasterror prior to calling free
 2010-10-27 Derrick Brashear (3174) don't duplicate work of ctime_s
 2010-10-27 Derrick Brashear (3173) viced don't double-print start time
 2010-10-27 Simon Wilkinson  (3100) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-27 Simon Wilkinson  (3099) Improve commit messages for git imports
 2010-10-27 Derrick Brashear (3001) down with assert, up with osi_Assert
 2010-10-27 Jason Edgecombe  (3164) Quickstart Guide: misc. fixes
 2010-10-27 Derrick Brashear (3162) kill defunct tools directory
 2010-10-27 Jeffrey Altman   (3161) Windows: 1.5.78 Change Log summary
 2010-10-26 Jason Edgecombe  (3159) Quickstart guide: use yum install from openafs repo
 2010-10-26 Jeffrey Altman   (3148) Windows: Fix math error in rx_Writev processing
 2010-10-26 Simon Wilkinson  (3138) rx: Don't let timeouts force fast recovery
 2010-10-26 Simon Wilkinson  (3137) rx: Fix starting of transmit timers
 2010-10-26 Simon Wilkinson  (3136) rx: Refactor transmit queue wakeup
 2010-10-26 Simon Wilkinson  (3135) rx: Fix resend accounting
 2010-10-26 Simon Wilkinson  (3134) rx: Use a structure for the xmit list
 2010-10-26 Jeffrey Altman   (3147) Windows: move debug break in afsd_notifier
 2010-10-26 Benjamin Kaduk   (3145) Fix build on systems with .y.o rules
 2010-10-26 Benjamin Kaduk   (3035) FBSD: band-aid vnode locking in lookup
 2010-10-26 Benjamin Kaduk   (3146) Complete change from dcb40c9fb8 for FBSD
 2010-10-24 Derrick Brashear (2991) add objc build rules to make-type makefiles
 2010-10-24 Jeffrey Altman   (3034) Windows: Add version number to event log start pending message
 2010-10-23 Jeffrey Altman   (3033) Windows: register idle dead timeout error
 2010-10-23 Simon Wilkinson  (3031) rx: Tidy up variables in RTT calc
 2010-10-23 Simon Wilkinson  (3030) rx: Fix bracing on rx_clock macro arguments
 2010-10-23 Simon Wilkinson  (3029) rx: More improvments to RTT calculation
 2010-10-23 Jeffrey Altman   (3032) Windows: Make Rx PMTU discovery configurable; disable by default
 2010-10-23 Asanka Herath    (2977) Windows: Backup and restore configuration across installs
 2010-10-23 Jeffrey Altman   (3027) Rx: Fix socket() handling so errors are properly detected
 2010-10-23 Jeffrey Altman   (3026) Rx: Treat rx_minPeerTimeout not as a minimum but as padding
 2010-10-22 Derrick Brashear (3028) linux fh_to_dentry can return err
 2010-10-22 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (3023) afs: fix SOLARIS builds conflicting 'u' define
 2010-10-22 Jeffrey Altman   (2999) Windows: Use rx_Readv / rx_Writev
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3025) Windows: Fix i386_w2k and i386_nt40 path construction
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3022) Windows: Improve cm_SyncOpDone logging
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3021) Windows: remove unnecessary prototype from smb.c
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3020) Windows: optimize cm_BkgDaemon()
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3019) Windows: remove warnings from cm_daemon.c
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3018) Windows: prototype cm_PerformanceTuningInit()
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3017) Rx: prototype rx_StateClienThread()
 2010-10-21 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (3015) rx: remove spurious compare for maxDgramPackets
 2010-10-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3016) Rx: rx_stats_active not RXDEBUG
 2010-10-19 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2998) Allow private implementations of osi_AllocSmall/LargeSpace
 2010-10-19 Derrick Brashear (3006) atomic mutex don't recursive enter
 2010-10-18 Derrick Brashear (3000) afs assert should use afs abort
 2010-10-18 Simon Wilkinson  (2960) rx: Simplify round trip time calculation
 2010-10-18 Andrew Deason    (2982) RX: Add rx_InterruptCall
 2010-10-18 Jeffrey Altman   (2997) Rx: Do not compute RTT on non-last packets of a jumbogram
 2010-10-18 Simon Wilkinson  (2958) Rx: Reject out of order ACK packets
 2010-10-18 Derrick Brashear (2996) vutil use lockfile mutex macros for lockfile mutex
 2010-10-18 Derrick Brashear (2944) shakeloosevcaches drop xvcache during dentry ops
 2010-10-17 Derrick Brashear (2995) rename afs/assert.h to afs/afs_assert.h
 2010-10-16 Andrew Deason    (2993) pts: Prevent creating negative user ids
 2010-10-15 Andrew Deason    (2994) pts: Specifically check for group id 0
 2010-10-15 Russ Allbery     (2985) Return SRV record ports in network byte order
 2010-10-15 Derrick Brashear (2965) OSX prefspane use Kerberos Preferences for defaults
 2010-10-15 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2981) Rx: fix dpf() usage with regard to trailing \n's
 2010-10-15 Jeffrey Altman   (2988) Util: include assert.h in pthreads_nosig.h when required
 2010-10-15 Jeffrey Altman   (2987) Rx: use osi_Assert/osi_Panic instead of assert
 2010-10-15 Marc Dionne      (2989) LINUX/osi_vnodeops.c: minor coding style fixes
 2010-10-14 Jeffrey Altman   (2978) Rx: function return type on separate line
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (1864) Parallel I/O extensions to namei backend
 2010-10-14 Marc Dionne      (2975) Linux: fix statfs configure test
 2010-10-14 Tom Keiser       (2980) rx: fix typo in rx_atomic Solaris backend
 2010-10-14 Simon Wilkinson  (2959) rx: Don't count unknown packets as missing
 2010-10-14 Jeffrey Altman   (2966) Rx: Consolidate wait for tq busy and make its use uniform
 2010-10-14 Simon Wilkinson  (2957) rx: Don't malloc the xmit list
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (2973) LINUX: old kernel warning fixes
 2010-10-14 Tom Keiser       (2968) don't release Volume lightweight ref too early
 2010-10-14 Hans-Werner Paulsen (2972) wrong rule to make afsd_fuse
 2010-10-14 Marc Dionne      (2976) Linux: fix aklog -setpag to work with ktc_SetTokenEx
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (2947) RX: Force sane timeout values
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (2967) RX: Adjust all timeouts for RTT
 2010-10-13 Tom Keiser       (2970) trailing commas make xlc a sad panda
 2010-10-13 Tom Keiser       (2971) update fssync-debug to handle the VOL_LOCKED flag
 2010-10-13 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2943) Use bigger I/O sizes for the memcache
 2010-10-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2963) hcrypto: Tidy up some merge conflicts
 2010-10-13 Andrew Deason    (2946) LINUX: Build fixes for older kernels
 2010-10-12 Simon Wilkinson  (2956) rx: Don't call gettimeofday for every packet ack
 2010-10-12 Jeffrey Altman   (2964) Windows: Build hcrypto shared library
 2010-10-12 Jeffrey Altman   (2961) Windows: Cleanup build scripts; no include\afs or include\rx
 2010-10-12 Simon Wilkinson  (2962) Fix rxperf includes
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2955) rx: Indent dpf definition
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2954) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2953) Heimdal: Import rand-w32.c for hcrypto on Windows
 2010-10-11 Jeffrey Altman   (2950) Windows: Do not issue RXAFS change RPCs on known RO volumes
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2896) Unix: Rework build system
 2010-10-11 Andrew Deason    (2480) fssync-debug: exec DAFS version if DAFS detected
 2010-10-11 Phillip Moore    (2948) Extract the .version file when building the srpm file
 2010-10-11 Benjamin Kaduk   (2951) Revert "FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp"
 2010-10-06 Benjamin Kaduk   (2942) FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp
 2010-10-06 Phillip Moore    (2940) Added missing CLI argument dropped during last commit.
 2010-10-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2913) Windows: do not leak cm_volume_t objects from LRU queue
 2010-10-05 Phillip Moore    (2914) Quick Start Guide updated for RHEL rpms, and CLI syntax
 2010-10-05 Christof Hanke   (2912) volserver: Do not return ENOMEM on AIX from XVolListPartitions
 2010-10-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2910) Windows: Kill AFS_LARGEFILES preprocessor symbol
 2010-10-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2880) rx: Reduce dependence on call->lock
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2908) Irix: Make compiler less chatty
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2904) hcrypto: Fix builds on Irix
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2907) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2906) Yet more imports from libroken
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2870) Kill AFS_64BIT_ENV
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2909) Revert "util: Add base64 from Heimdal's roken"
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2902) Import yet more files from Heimdal
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2903) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2901) Heimdal: Fix 32bit build problems
 2010-10-04 Andrew Deason    (2893) vol: Log ignored dirs that look like partitions
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2900) util: Add base64 from Heimdal's roken
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2899) hcrypto: Build fixes
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2898) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2897) Add more files from Heimdal
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2895) configure: Don't let autoconf pick our CFLAGS
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2894) configure: Restore saved CFLAGS
 2010-10-03 Marc Dionne      (2892) Remove duplicate rx_stats targets in libuafs Makefile
 2010-10-03 Andrew Deason    (2731) vos release: Force full dump on RO_DONTUSE sites
 2010-10-03 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2891) sin_family is not network order
 2010-10-03 Derrick Brashear (2890) rx stats atomic inclusion needs kmutexes for emulation
 2010-10-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2887) Windows: Ensure that cm_NameI errors are acted upon promptly
 2010-10-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2886) Windows: Fix Parent(path) computation to permit mp and symlink creation
 2010-10-03 Derrick Brashear (2885) add rxstats to kernel
 2010-10-03 Marc Dionne      (2888) Conditionalize include of string.h in rx_stats.c
 2010-10-03 Marc Dionne      (2889) Linux: correct use of atomic_add and atomic_sub functions
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2882) Rx: Fix RXDEBUG_PACKET builds
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2881) Rx: raise rx_minPeerTimeout to 20ms
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2871) Rx: When call receive is done, send ack all packet
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2837) Rx: protect rx_conn and rx_call refCount field with rx_refcnt_mutex
 2010-10-02 Derrick Brashear (2884) darwin kernel atomics
 2010-10-02 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2877) add option to rxperf to use rx_Readv() instead of rx_Read()
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2883) Windows: Pass Volume Root Fid to cm_Analyze after RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus
 2010-10-02 Andrew Deason    (1863) Provide an abstract thread pool object
 2010-10-02 Andrew Deason    (1862) Provide an abstract work queue object
 2010-10-02 Derrick Brashear (2875) exempt instant timeouts from mtu discovery
 2010-10-02 Andrew Deason    (2759) DAFS: Raise LogLevel for per-chain vol stats
 2010-10-01 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2876) rename some variables in rxperf

Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-11-16 Marc Dionne      (3313) Linux: fix statfs configure test
 2010-11-15 Anders Kaseorg   (3308) Linux: Fix prototypes for afs_xsetgroups and sys_setgroupsp and friends
 2010-11-15 Anders Kaseorg   (3307) Linux: Fix prototypes for sys_setgroups_stub and sys32_setgroups_stub
 2010-11-15 Alejandro R. Sedeno (3288) Linux: use DEFINE_MUTEX for afs_linux_alloc_sem on newer kernels
 2010-11-15 Derrick Brashear (3286) Do not call afs_FlushVCBs with afs_xvcache held
 2010-10-27 Michael Meffie   (2431) Calculate midnight (for volume stats) based on standard functions
 2010-10-27 Derrick Brashear (2945) shakeloosevcaches drop xvcache during dentry ops
 2010-10-27 Andrew Deason    (2424) GetInodeSummary: free inode info
 2010-10-27 Andrew Deason    (2209) VGetVolume_r: do not wait for offlining volumes
 2010-10-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2290) Linux: Make keyring destructor remove all tokens
 2010-10-11 Andrew Deason    (2879) Use afs_foff_t for offsets
 2010-10-11 Andrew Deason    (2423) Use afs_sfsize_t for *_SIZE results