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OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2010

Welcome to the twelveth issue of the OpenAFS newsletter. This newsletter summarizes what is happening in the OpenAFS community.

As always, volunteers, patches, bug reports, or any other type of help is greatly appreciated.

Feedback on this newsletter is welcome. The goal is to summarize the various development efforts and news of OpenAFS for the community. Please let Jason Edgecombe <> know what you would like to see out of this newsletter. Any news about AFS-related projects is welcome and may be submitted to Jason for inclusion in the next newsletter.

The current and past issues of this newsletter are available at

General OpenAFS Progress

OpenAFS version 1.5.73 was released on March 24. It was followed by three point releases to fix some issues. The latest version is The gatekeepers are asking for people to really start testing the 1.5.x releases on Unix machines to help iron out bugs before 1.6. To help people with the testing efforts, Russ Allbery has uploaded new Debian packages:

I've uploaded Debian packages of plus some additional recent patches to Debian experimental. I should be able to keep the packages up to date with subsequent 1.5.x releases going forward.

Due to the new libkopenafs1 package, the upload will have to go through NEW, so it will be a little bit before they show up in Debian.

--Russ Allbery

The instructions for contributing to OpenAFS have been revised for using Git. These instructions are in the README.git file in each release.

The growl agent for Mac OS X is included in 1.5.73, but it's not well integrated yet. Initial feedback is positive and testers are welcome. Please send any feedback ot the mailing list.

A new version of the AFS PERL API was released. For more information and downloads, go to


Annual Best Practices Workshop

Plans are already underway for the seventh Workshop, to be held May 24-28, 2010, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We hope to see you there.

Web site:

Register by April 14, 2010 to get the best prices. AFS and Kerberos tutorials are $100 each, the Workshop itself is $150, or register for all three for only $300.

After April 14, prices will go up, so register now and save.

A tentative schedule is available. Further details, including social events, is still forthcoming.

Hotel and travel information is also available.

We'll be looking forward to meeting you at Illinois next month!

European AFS Conference

The date for the 3rd European AFS & Kerberos Conference has been set. The conference will take place in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from September 13 to September 15, 2010. More details are forthcoming and will be posted at The conference is being hosted by Centre for Information Technology, University of West Bohemia.

AFS Protocol Standardization

Informal drafts that haven't been uploaded to the IETF web site:

Rx Spec:

This draft is in the very early stages. Mike Meffie and Tom Keiser are the current owners of this proposal. Nickolai Zeldovich wrote the original draft. Mike and Tom have started updating the draft with Nickolai's permission. A formal specification of Rx is needed for a basis for other IETF proposals.

Discussion on these proposals is welcome and should be done on the AFS3-standardization list at

PTS Alternate Authentication

Status: Active - Third call for review

Last Update: November 18, 2009

Expires: May 22, 2010

AFS Callback Extensions

Status: Active - Waiting on RPC refresh

This proposal will be rewritten with references to the RPC time refresh.

Last update: September 23, 2009

Expires: March 23, 2010

DNS SRV Resource Records for AFS

Status: Submitted to IETF

Still in the RFC Editor queue, waiting for them to have a chance to work on it.



Status: Active

Rxgk is a security layer for AFS which will support strong encryption and authentication through Kerberos v5, GSI and any other GSSAPI security mechanism.

Changes which are considered suitable for the 1.5.x series are in git - look for changes with author A development tree, which will be frequently rebased, is at

Last Update: Jan 9, 2010

AFS3 ACL Rights

Status: Second draft

Last update: Jan 13, 2010

See the Per-File ACLs section for more info.

Rx Security Object Providing Cleartext Peer Identity Assertions

Status: Second draft

Last Update: February 1, 2010

The Rx clear security class will improve on the rxnull security object by eliminating certain race conditions related to IPv4 address changes. A -02 revision of this internet draft will be forthcoming in the next few days, which will update the introduction and security considerations sections of the memo. Everyone is invited to review this document, and comments should be sent to the mailing list.

AFSVol Tag-Length-Value Remote Procedure Call Extensions

Status: Second Draft

Last Update: April 6, 2010

As new forms of metadata are added to AFS volumes, we are running into limitations with the wire volume metadata structures used by the volume server. This internet draft aims to standardize a tag-length-value (TLV) encoding for arbitrary AFS volume metadata. A new version of this draft was released on April 6th, 2010. Everyone is invited to review and comment on this document. Comments should be sent to the mailing list.



Demand-Attach FileServer (DAFS)

Project Contacts:

Gerrit 1406 (per-volume locks) has been merged along with the related changes, and thus we can now salvage at the same time as volume operations as well as other salvages. Gerrit 1092 is unfortunately still not merged; we encourage additional review from anyone who can. Current DAFS development involves adding background I/O threads to the salvager code, and later making demand-salvages spawn as threads instead of processes. Code for that should be available shortly.


Better Documentation

Project Contacts:

Davor Ocelic is working on writing man pages for the new demand-attach binaries that aren't yet documented. The man page for state_analyzer has been committed.

Pthreaded Ubik

Project Contact:

Gerrit 1546 (add locks for addresses and cheader) has been submitted for review, and with that, we now believe the vlserver to be thread-safe. Since the vlserver thread-safety issues were the only known pthreaded ubik issues, after 1546 we are aware of no further issues with pthreaded ubik.


We're still discussing what solution to use in gerrit 1546 (add locks for the vldb ubik cache). Additional problems affecting pthreaded ubik were found and fixed in gerrit 1680 (kill afs_inet_ntoa) and 1681 (correct use of flags_cond and version_cond).


This project will likely be dropped as a separate project in a couple of issues of the newsletter when this project is fully merged into the mainline OpenAFS code.

Kerberos v5 and multiple encryption types

Project Contacts:

I was hoping to have some time this week - got distracted by other matters. I do have one change of interest: the "tokens expired" message which formerly looked like this:

 Feb 22 10:23:08 lancashire kernel: afs: Tokens for user of AFS id 555 for cell expired now

(where 555 was a fixed constant because the cache manager doesn't know what viceid the user has), now looks like this:

 Apr 3 04:55:37 lancashire kernel: afs: Tokens for mdw@CATS.UMICH.EDU for cell expired now

I think that's an improvement.

Heimdal has some annoying weirdness with key types and checksums. In 1.3.1 (at least,) the verify checksum logic insists only one checksum algorithm is acceptable per key type. The standards documents do not forbid this interpetation, but don't exactly require it. Sorting out acceptable checksum algorithms between various kerberos distributions continues to be a problem.

I'm hoping to do a code drop soon. It will probably be a complete copy of source not just diffs. I was overly aggressive about fixing tabs and now have to "undo" some fixes to patches. Blech.


Per-File ACLs

Project Contacts:

Current status:

Mac OS X OpenAFS Preference Pane

Project Contact:

The preference pane has been updated to allow the renewal of Kerberos tickets. The GUI and afs backgrounder were updated to accomodate this change.


*BSD Support

Project Contacts:

Commit 028240329c09b6a311cb85736f41d75f7ee7a01f deals with some updated VFS calls in FreeBSD.

Userspace cache manager

Project Contact:

I've finally managed to find time to work on this again, resulting in gerrit changes 1714-1726 which give a FUSE OpenAFS/libuafs client. Functionality improvements over previous libuafs code include fixed support for AFSDB and fakestat. Support will be forthcoming for some pioctl operations (lsmount, rmmount, getacl, setacl, checkservers) and perl SWIG bindings.

I will be presenting at AFSBPW 2010 about libuafs, on its potential uses and how to use it.


S3 Front-end for AFS

Project Contacts:

We have a generic implementation in alpha test, without authentication and specific AFS ACL support. We hope to release a first public beta at the end of the April ( without authentication).


Virtual Machine Images

Project Contact:

The Virtual Machine Images are updated, now the operating system is Centos 5.4 with openafs 1.4.12, in the new distribution is also present the AFS perl API with example scripts. If you want, you can downgrade to openafs 1.4.11 with a simple snapshot rollback. The images are in vmware format only, you can download from:


Google Summer of Code 2010

Google will be doing their Summer of Code again in 2010. We're proud to announce that for the third year, OpenAFS will be participating as a mentoring organization.


Accepted student proposals will be announced on April 26.

Projects with no progress or no update

Each project without progress this month is listed along with the month of the last update.

Gerrit Activity

To review a change, go to,NUM where NUM is the Change# shown in the lists below.


 Number of patches waiting for review: 35 (last month: 50)
 Patches merged into the master branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-04   53 (Partial month)
 2010-03  140
 2010-02  156
 2010-01  103
 2009-12   72
 2009-11   85
 2009-10  154
 2009-09  142
 2009-08   78
 2009-07  181
 Patches merged into the stable branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-04   2 (Partial month)
 2010-03  28
 2010-02  35
 2010-01  11
 2009-12  92
 2009-11  21
 2009-10   7
 2009-09   8
 2009-08  17
 2009-07   5

Patches waiting for review

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-04-11 Jonathan A. Kollasch (1738) NetBSD 5.0 support.
 2010-04-11 Tharidu Fernando (1736) Windows: Secure C String usage in src\WINNT\afsd\fs.c
 2010-04-10 Andrew Deason    (1614) Add the Jabber MUC to the support page
 2010-04-10 Andrew Deason    (1723) Split afsd into afsd.c and afsd_kernel.c
 2010-04-09 Marc Dionne      (1640) Fileserver capabilities support for the UNIX client
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1725) Add a FUSE implementation for afsd
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1724) Make libuafs usable with afsd.o
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1726) Allow afsd.fuse to build on darwin / amd64 linux
 2010-04-05 Benjamin Kaduk   (1691) Add entries for FBSD 8.1 and 9.0
 2010-03-31 Andrew Deason    (1546) Add locks around updating the VLDB ubik cache
 2010-03-28 Derrick Brashear (1333) byte-range lock warning should include pid
 2010-03-26 Rainer Toebbicke (1311) Lockless path through afs_linux_dentry_revalidate
 2010-03-23 Derrick Brashear (1625) preliminary support for pinned vcaches
 2010-03-19 Michael Meffie    (215) rxdebug: show delayed abort packet count for rx peers
 2010-03-17 Michael Meffie   (1562) ihandle positional read and write
 2010-03-17 Simon Wilkinson  (1581) Linux Keyrings: don't ignore error code from session keyring creation
 2010-03-17 Derrick Brashear (1553) dynamic volume allocation
 2010-02-25 Michael Meffie   (1092) DAFS: avoid volume lock contention during initialization
 2010-02-24 Simon Wilkinson  (1392) More warnings cleanup
 2010-02-24 Jacob Thebault-Spieker (433) Add throughput framework to cm_RankServer()
 2010-02-23 Anders Kaseorg   (1373) Adjust afs_lockctl to compensate for byte-range lock fixes
 2010-02-15 Michael Meffie   (1001) return an error from afs_readdir when out of buffers
 2010-02-06 Dan Hyde         (1212) VTRANS_LOCK not needed in TryUnlock
 2010-02-03 Dan Hyde         (1191) runningCalls: VOL_COUNT_LOCK vs VTRANS_LOCK
 2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1172) linux mmap anti-deadlock shouldn't break StoreAllSegments
 2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1201) basic kernel event system for afs cm
 2010-02-02 Simon Wilkinson  (1072) Unix CM: Conflate rxfs_[store,fetch]Variables
 2010-01-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1074) Unix CM: Include memcache's tiov in rxfs_context
 2009-11-29 Andrew Deason     (875) Make ubik use unsigned addresses
 2009-11-18 Andrew Deason     (709) Break origin's callback for RXAFS_Rename target
 2009-11-04 Andrew Deason     (436) Avoid unnecessarily updating .. in SAFSS_Rename
 2009-09-09 Matt Benjamin     (435) clear stat flag on renamed directories
 2009-08-29 Matt Benjamin     (376) K5SSL by Marcus Watts
 2009-07-29 Michael Meffie    (147) Fix bosserver directory creation
 2009-07-24 Hartmut Reuter     (70) preparing rxosd integration: change in AFSFetchStatus

Patches merged into the master branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-04-10 Matt Smith       (1737) Fix problems from afs_osi_gcpags reorganization
 2010-04-10 Michael Meffie   (1735) afsmonitor: fix segv on exit
 2010-04-10 Michael Meffie   (1734) afsmonitor: show busy counts
 2010-04-10 Marc Dionne      (1733) Fix UKERNEL build error - include afs/afs_osi.h
 2010-04-09 Matt Smith       (1727) Move contents of afs_osi_gcpags to per-OS files
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1679) Correct incorrect type-punning fixes
 2010-04-09 Michael Meffie   (1731) afsmonitor: add fs callback xstats collection
 2010-04-09 Michael Meffie   (1730) afsmonitor: avoid showing full perf stats garbage
 2010-04-09 Derrick Brashear (1729) ukernel osi prototypes header
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1722) UKERNEL: allow creation of non-detached threads
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1721) Use AFS_CACHE_VNODE_PATH for UKERNEL
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1714) Make osi_GetTime work on 64-bit libuafs
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1720) afsd: squash inode format warning
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1719) UKERNEL: prototype uafs_Shutdown
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1718) UKERNEL: Use real vnode type constants
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1717) UKERNEL: check for null afs_CurrentDir on shutdown
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1716) UKERNEL: add uafs_statvfs
 2010-04-09 Andrew Deason    (1715) Prevent uafs_readdir/closedir segfault
 2010-04-09 Russ Allbery     (1713) Update Debian packaging files
 2010-04-09 Russ Allbery     (1712) Add OpenAFS-debug.*.plist to .gitignore
 2010-04-08 Michael Meffie   (1601) pts mem -expandgroups option
 2010-04-08 Michael Meffie   (1600) pts mem -supergroup option
 2010-04-07 Russ Allbery     (1710) Explain in CellServDB man page that server lines can be omitted
 2010-04-07 Simon Wilkinson  (1705) Linux: kmap() not page_address()
 2010-04-07 Andrew Deason    (1709) Fix typo in bos_create manpage
 2010-04-07 Rod Widdowson    (1708) Make tests/afcp compile cleanly
 2010-04-07 Russ Allbery     (1706) Reallocate memory in aklog for the AFS ID string
 2010-04-07 Russ Allbery     (1704) Make src/rx/rx.c not executable
 2010-04-07 Russ Allbery     (1707) Improve demand-attach fileserver bos documentation
 2010-04-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1702) Windows: Support new Cygwin docbook stylesheet location
 2010-04-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1696) Windows: WinTorture Verbose mode display all logged messages
 2010-04-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1701) Windows: permit documentation to be built without binaries
 2010-04-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1699) Windows: tag is listitem not llstitem
 2010-04-06 Derrick Brashear (1700) make openafs
 2010-04-06 Derrick Brashear (1698) macos bulkstat avoid reclaiming vnodes
 2010-04-06 Derrick Brashear (1690) avoid macos bulkstat vlru when no non-dead vnodes exist
 2010-04-06 Derrick Brashear (1693) panic generation update
 2010-04-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1695) Windows: cm_UpdateVolumeLocation !append exts to num vol names
 2010-04-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1697) Rx: Remove conn_call_lock contention between rx_NewCall and rx_EndCall
 2010-04-05 Aditya Sarawgi   (1694)     Replace kmodstat by kldstat
 2010-04-05 Jeffrey Altman   (1685) Fix usage of RX_CALL_TQ_WAIT flag
 2010-04-05 Derrick Brashear (1682) rx_ClearTransmitQueue should signal waiters when flushing
 2010-04-05 Derrick Brashear (1692) macos panic decoder update
 2010-04-02 Derrick Brashear (1687) macos 32 bit platform user address transform
 2010-04-02 Derrick Brashear (1688) make
 2010-04-02 Derrick Brashear (1684) freebsd switch back to condvar-based sleep
 2010-04-02 Derrick Brashear (1686) macos installer pane warning fix
 2010-04-02 Andrew Deason    (1681) tubik: Correct use of flags_cond and version_cond
 2010-04-02 Andrew Deason    (1680) Kill afs_inet_ntoa
 2010-04-02 Derrick Brashear (1683) freebsd glock assertions
 2010-04-01 Andrew Deason    (1678) fssync-debug: fix strict-aliasing problems
 2010-04-01 Simon Wilkinson  (1645) Fix formatting issues in src/afs
 2010-04-01 Benjamin Kaduk   (1677) Set a storeOps storeproc for the memcache case
 2010-03-31 Benjamin Kaduk   (1676) Fix build for FBSD80
 2010-03-31 Benjamin Kaduk   (1675) Update to the new thread world order for FBSD
 2010-03-31 Benjamin Kaduk   (1674) Include limits.h for FBSD
 2010-03-31 Derrick Brashear (1670) openafs
 2010-03-31 Benjamin Kaduk   (1672) Make GCPAGs_perproc_func cleaner for FBSD case
 2010-03-31 Jonathan Billings (1671) Updated RedHat RPM spec file to include unreferenced files
 2010-03-30 Jonathan Billings (1669) Move restorevol to bin from sbin in make dest
 2010-03-30 Derrick Brashear (1668) darwin notify avoid reentrant vfs context panic
 2010-03-30 Russ Allbery     (1667) Update VCS instructions for Git
 2010-03-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (1665) Catch up to dynamically-sized cr_groups in FBSD80
 2010-03-29 Davor Ocelic     (1666) Minor state_analyzer manpage corrections
 2010-03-29 Rod Widdowson    (1649) Render the IP address for the "Ubik: Lost contact with sync-site" log message in the same way that all other IP addresses are (via afs_inet_ntoa, rather than stripping the buytes out in a manner which assumes a specific endianism).
 2010-03-29 Davor Ocelic     (1655) Initial; add state_analyzer manpage
 2010-03-28 Simon Wilkinson  (1042) Linux: Replace invalidate_inode_pages
 2010-03-28 Jeffrey Altman   (1664) Windows: buffers whose offsets are beyond EOF should be zero filled and locally allocated
 2010-03-27 Claudio Bisegni  (1656) GUI Update for Kerberos Ticket Renew
 2010-03-27 Derrick Brashear (1663) aklog pt error table warning fix
 2010-03-27 Derrick Brashear (1661) aklog more error tables
 2010-03-27 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (1080) LINUX: you dont need to memset() after allocating credentials
 2010-03-25 Jeffrey Altman   (1660) Windows: afslogon.dll vs windows 7
 2010-03-25 Jeffrey Altman   (1659) Windows: aklog must reset viceId to 0 before pr_CreateUser call
 2010-03-25 Jeffrey Altman   (1658) Windows: output pt error messages as strings
 2010-03-24 Derrick Brashear (1651) growl agent should handle port busy
 2010-03-24 Derrick Brashear (1654) avoid double-free cell name canonicalization
 2010-03-24 Derrick Brashear (1648) afsdump warning killing
 2010-03-24 Simon Wilkinson  (1647) Linux : Apply more dget_parent() pixie dust
 2010-03-24 Derrick Brashear (1642) make 1.5.73 relnotes
 2010-03-24 Derrick Brashear (1620) openafs 1.5.73 version strings
 2010-03-24 Jeffrey Altman   (1521) Updating UserGuide with Kerberos v5 authentication
 2010-03-24 Asanka Herath    (1633) Windows: Use a timestamp for the minidump filename
 2010-03-24 Asanka Herath    (1632) Windows: Monitor requests and gather diagnostics before a timeout
 2010-03-24 Derrick Brashear (1641) add missed release notes
 2010-03-24 Jeffrey Altman   (1636) Windows: changelog for 1.5.73
 2010-03-23 Jeffrey Altman   (1639) Windows: cm_attrs_t requires inclusion of cm_vnodeops.h
 2010-03-23 Jeffrey Altman   (1638) Windows LWP and UNIX LWP do not have the same lwp_cpptr structure
 2010-03-23 Marc Dionne      (1637) Warning fix: print burstWait fields
 2010-03-23 Marc Dionne      (1635) Fix #ifdef typo
 2010-03-23 Marc Dionne      (1634) Define __USE_XOPEN conditionally
 2010-03-23 Asanka Herath    (1602) Windows: Make default mode bits configurable
 2010-03-23 Derrick Brashear (1629) remove vnop needs discon lock
 2010-03-23 Claudio Bisegni  (1606) Develop Kerberos renew system for ticket
 2010-03-23 Derrick Brashear (1631) kill MultiBreakVolumeCallBack too
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1628) Remove BreakVolumeCallBacks prototype
 2010-03-23 Russ Allbery     (1589) vldb_check man page should say -vheader, not -pheader
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1550) vos: correct syncvldb -verbose server byte order
 2010-03-23 Derrick Brashear (1547) make tryevalfakestat really not block
 2010-03-23 Derrick Brashear (1315) viced remove dead BreakVolumeCallBacks function
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1559) vos: Avoid LWP stack overflow error on SIGINT
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1558) vos: Use IOMGR_SoftSig for signals
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1557) vos: Mark longjmp-used variables as 'volatile'
 2010-03-23 Russ Allbery     (1617) Fix strict aliasing problems or add -fno-strict-aliasing
 2010-03-22 Andrew Deason    (1582) Use AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS
 2010-03-22 Derrick Brashear (1590) aix mount failure unlock and seterror
 2010-03-22 Derrick Brashear (1386) update link order
 2010-03-22 Simon Wilkinson  (1340) XDR: Stop the madness
 2010-03-22 Russ Allbery     (1616) Use sigset_t and sigfillset instead of memset
 2010-03-22 Russ Allbery     (1615) Move non-executable stack assembly code to end of file
 2010-03-22 Derrick Brashear (1599) multibreak callbacks add host marking
 2010-03-21 Derrick Brashear (1611) aix vfs table entry in rc script
 2010-03-21 Derrick Brashear (1610) salvage variable initialization
 2010-03-21 Derrick Brashear (1598) comment assumptions in lih0_r
 2010-03-21 Andrew Deason    (1235) Create missing root directory when ORPH_ATTACH
 2010-03-21 Derrick Brashear (1609) aix krb5 error message handling
 2010-03-21 Derrick Brashear (1608) panic prototype for aix 6
 2010-03-21 Simon Wilkinson  (1577) Don't count root session keyrings against quota
 2010-03-20 Derrick Brashear  (451) macos fsevents hinting
 2010-03-19 Jeffrey Altman   (1531) afsadminutil: translate krb5 error messages on Windows
 2010-03-19 Andrew Deason    (1596) volume_inline.h does not need sys/file.h
 2010-03-19 Andrew Deason    (1406) DAFS: Replace partition locks with volume locks
 2010-03-19 Derrick Brashear (1594) macos uninstall redux
 2010-03-19 Derrick Brashear (1593) update macos uninstaller
 2010-03-19 Dan Hyde         (1213) VOL_LOCK needed when traversing DiskPartitionList
 2010-03-18 Benjamin Kaduk   (1587) Catch up with FBSD80's removal of thread argument to VFS calls
 2010-03-18 Derrick Brashear (1572) aix vnode hold simplification
 2010-03-18 Derrick Brashear (1584) regain glock on storedata error exit
 2010-03-18 Derrick Brashear (1583) kill apsl afssettings and fstab
 2010-03-18 Evan Broder       (778) Increase the maximum number of sysnames
 2010-03-17 Andrew Deason    (1405) Add code for locking individual volumes on disk
 2010-03-17 Benjamin Kaduk   (1576) Avoid panic on shutdown with memcache and INVARIANTS
 2010-03-17 Benjamin Kaduk   (1560) Allocate and free backing store for event mutices
 2010-03-16 Derrick Brashear (1573) rx nat event connection reference
 2010-03-16 Marc Dionne      (1575) growlagent: remove generated Makefile with make distclean
 2010-03-15 Antoine Verheijen (1574) Remove return of value for afs_MarinerLogFetch()
 2010-03-15 Derrick Brashear (1554) freebsd per-event mutexes
 2010-03-15 Andrew Deason    (1545) vlserver: make rxinfo threadsafe
 2010-03-15 Derrick Brashear (1538) afsdb lookup shouldn't leak memory on realname lookup
 2010-03-15 Michael Meffie   (1570) squash warning in db_verify
 2010-03-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1567) Windows: warnings removal for afskfw.c
 2010-03-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1529) Windows: afskfw - conditionalize use of krb5_get_error_message for KFW 3.1 and earlier
 2010-03-13 Jeffrey Altman   (1530) Windows: netidmgr - conditionalize use of krb5_get_error_message for KFW 3.1 and earlier
 2010-03-11 Derrick Brashear (1561) macos dropbox fix for finder
 2010-03-10 Derrick Brashear (1551) dkms configure correctly
 2010-03-10 Andrew Deason    (1556) Squash pthreaded vos warnings
 2010-03-10 Simon Wilkinson  (1555) Don't always use the local cell for db clients
 2010-03-09 Simon Wilkinson  (1552) Update RPM CellServDB
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1549) udebug: Fix byte ordering of last yes host
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1548) vldb_check: do not ntohl u_chars
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1404) Add FSYNC_VerifyCheckout
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1376) Add DAFS documentation overview for developers
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1358) Add VLockFileReinit
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1357) VLockFile: add a couple of asserts
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1356) Schedule all salvages via VScheduleSalvage_r
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1349) Add FSSYNC debug logging
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1390) Move *SYNC string translation out of fssync-debug
 2010-03-09 Andrew Deason    (1348) Do not rely on vol header for V*VolumeHandles_r
 2010-03-09 Derrick Brashear (1544) darwin report kext load address
 2010-03-09 Benjamin Kaduk   (1541) Export prototypes for osi_fbsd_{alloc,free} for use in rx
 2010-03-09 Benjamin Kaduk   (1540) Use correct types for UFS devices
 2010-03-09 Benjamin Kaduk   (1539) Use the correct API for msleep() in FBSD's afs_osi_TimedSleep()
 2010-03-09 Benjamin Kaduk   (1526) FBSD build finishes for me
 2010-03-08 Derrick Brashear (1537) afsconf srv lookup fill cellname
 2010-03-07 Derrick Brashear (1533) Begin support for OpenBSD 4.7
 2010-03-07 Derrick Brashear (1532) OpenBSD: eliminate use of VREF() macro
 2010-03-07 Benjamin Kaduk   (1528) Be type correct in osi_ThreadUnique() for FBSD
 2010-03-07 Benjamin Kaduk   (1527) FBSD module loads now
 2010-03-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1520) Windows: use krb5_get_error_message instead of error_message
 2010-03-06 Simon Wilkinson  (1524) Linux: Make keyring destructor remove all tokens
 2010-03-06 Simon Wilkinson  (1525) Linux: Fix builds on RHEL4
 2010-03-06 Marc Dionne      (1523) Linux: replace invalidate_inode_pages
 2010-03-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1519) Windows: use krb5_get_error_message to translate krb5 errors in afskfw library
 2010-03-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1518) Windows: use krb5_get_error_message in netidmgr_plugin
 2010-03-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1517) Windows: Add krb5 error message functions to loadfuncs header
 2010-03-05 Jeffrey Altman   (1514) Windows: reset local mount point count during freelance re-initialization
 2010-03-05 Simon Wilkinson  (1522) Linux : Don't leak GLOCK when writing CellServDB
 2010-03-05 Derrick Brashear (1513) add growl agent for macos
 2010-03-05 Derrick Brashear (1511) darwin afshelper fix startup check
 2010-03-04 Derrick Brashear (1512) evalmount copy out volid for sure
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1507) macos shutdown consistent behavior
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1505) add user warning facility via mariner for macos
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1504) support mariner messages sans vcache
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1503) rewrite marinerlogfetching
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1502) restore mariner storing message
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1501) de-printf the cache manager
 2010-03-03 Jason Edgecombe  (1308) Add a section on how to tune the AFS cache using xstat_cm_test
 2010-03-03 Marc Dionne      (1506) Remove duplicate make targets in tubik, cleanup dependencies
 2010-03-02 Derrick Brashear (1500) darwin vfsops ansification
 2010-03-02 Derrick Brashear (1499) afs_util don't use printf
 2010-03-02 Derrick Brashear (1371) BOP_MOVE and userspace move EXDEV helper
 2010-03-01 Claudio Bisegni  (1492) OSXPreferencePane checkAfsStatusForStartup method modification for search /afs volume for determinate if afs is on has been transfered into checkAfsStatus. checkAfsStatusForStartup method is used to check when afs start axitn system startup. Anyway these 
 2010-03-01 Marc Dionne      (1489) Don't pass NULL to strcmp

Patches merged into the stable branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-04-09 Hans-Werner Paulsen (1711) Build and install PIC versions of libafsrpc and libafsauthent
 2010-04-01 Dan Hyde         (1595) VOL_LOCK needed when traversing DiskPartitionList
 2010-03-30 Simon Wilkinson  (1580) Linux: don't count pag keys against root's keyring quotas
 2010-03-25 Marc Dionne      (1657) Print rxdebug statistics as unsigned values
 2010-03-24 Evan Broder      (1650) Increase the maximum number of sysnames
 2010-03-23 Dan Hyde         (1588) volmonitor keep vtrans lock
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1627) Add support for amd64_obsd46
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1626) Add amd64 subtarget for OpenBSD
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1624) libafs: WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE is 2.6-only
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1613) Create missing root directory when ORPH_ATTACH
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1623) libafs: afs_backing_dev_info is 2.6-only
 2010-03-23 Andrew Deason    (1622) libafs: Remove some unused functions
 2010-03-22 Russ Allbery     (1618) Move non-executable stack assembly code to end of file
 2010-03-18 Dan Hyde         (1586) volmonitor copy link before calling free
 2010-03-17 Andrew Deason    (1368) h_TossStuff_r: make sure host does not go away
 2010-03-17 Andrew Deason    (1367) h_TossStuff_r: check held-ness after lock
 2010-03-15 Michael Meffie   (1571) Avoid 'static __inline' on HPUX
 2010-03-10 Andrew Deason    (1370) Allow GetSomeSpace_r to select an optimal host
 2010-03-10 Andrew Deason    (1369) Remove lih_r
 2010-03-08 Derrick Brashear (1536) remove fc_test from normal build
 2010-03-08 Derrick Brashear (1535) openafs 1.4.12
 2010-03-07 Antoine Verheijen (1510) Begin support for OpenBSD 4.7
 2010-03-07 Antoine Verheijen (1509) OpenBSD: eliminate use of VREF() macro
 2010-03-05 Derrick Brashear (1516) darwin afshelper fix startup check
 2010-03-05 Derrick Brashear (1515) correct cred mgmt typo
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1508) remove the force.. comments
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1498) Linux: bdi doesn't always have a name
 2010-03-03 Derrick Brashear (1497) linux bdi allocate memory
 2010-03-01 Derrick Brashear (1494) OSXPreferencePane checkAfsStatusForStartup method modification for search /afs volume for determinate if afs is on has been transfered into checkAfsStatus. checkAfsStatusForStartup method is used to check when afs start axitn system startup. Anyway these 
 2010-03-01 Derrick Brashear (1493) macos prefs pane more reliable running indicator

Resolved Tickets

Here is a list of tickets that have been resolved since March 1, 2010:

  ticket # state     created       title
    21423: resolved  Sep 07, 2005  Enhanced auto CACHESIZE code for afs.rc.linux
    22608: resolved  Oct 24, 2005  redhat-4 afs.rc smp startup broke
    23229: resolved  Nov 16, 2005  Openafs 1.4.0 cache on ext3 volume causes massive filesystem corruption
    36725: resolved  Aug 01, 2006  Relicense afssettings.m under saner license
    37658: resolved  Aug 14, 2006  openafs-1.4.1 libafsrpc missing symbols x86_64
    41823: resolved  Oct 05, 2006  reliability bug in caching seeked files ...
    49718: resolved  Dec 19, 2006  vos dump fails on amd64_linux26 client
    53759: resolved  Feb 11, 2007  1.4.2 Debian sarge afsd crash in afs_checkrootvolume
    54062: resolved  Feb 14, 2007  openafs 1.4.3rc2 still coredumps on openbsd40
    54299: resolved  Feb 17, 2007  problem after volume moves with 1.5.15
    92653: resolved  Apr 01, 2008  1.4.7pre2 - Dependency on /boot/config-{kernel-version}
   106150: resolved  Jul 06, 2008  Kernel memory leak with 1.4.7 on Linux 2.6.25
   107089: resolved  Jul 12, 2008  Kernel panic -- 1.5.39
   110696: resolved  Aug 06, 2008  OpenAFS 1.4.7 on Mac OS X 10.5.x:  intermittent access failures
   112681: resolved  Aug 19, 2008  RHEL4 Kernel Panic (firefox 3 related?)
   117415: resolved  Sep 24, 2008  Is there any script to uninstall OpenAFS on Mac OS X 10.5
   123798: resolved  Dec 01, 2008  freebsd client panics if no root.afs
   123806: resolved  Dec 03, 2008  nbsd-44 pass 1
   123820: resolved  Dec 05, 2008  Request for multiple realm support in 1.4.x
   124083: resolved  Jan 03, 2009  afssettings does not use build system correctly
   124591: resolved  Apr 04, 2009  freebsd 8 wip
   124761: resolved  May 11, 2009  Issues blocked for inclusion in future stable releases
   124877: resolved  May 27, 2009  obsd 1_5_x fixups
   125634: resolved  Nov 12, 2009  OpenAFS bug: Uninstall.command for Mac OS X does not work (fix attached)
   126067: resolved  Jan 04, 2010  rewrite afs_MemWriteBlk() using afs_MemWritevBlk()
   126107: resolved  Jan 08, 2010  emacs out of AFS server space locks compute node in D wait state
   126514: resolved  Feb 16, 2010  Linux: Ooops in __wake_up_common (from bdi_start_fn)
   126678: resolved  Mar 05, 2010  Linux: 1.5.x doesn't build on RHEL4
   126716: resolved  Mar 10, 2010  1.5.72's vos examine doesn't use cell provided by -cell argument
   126794: resolved  Mar 22, 2010  Wince when foreign bull-dogs sent out their threate
   126812: resolved  Mar 24, 2010  OpenAFS 1.5.73 MacOSX 10.6.2 growlagent-openafs crashes
   126813: resolved  Mar 24, 2010  OpenAFS 1.5.73 aklog crash