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OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2010

Welcome to the June issue of the OpenAFS newsletter. This newsletter summarizes what is happening in the OpenAFS community.

As always, volunteers, patches, bug reports, or any other type of help is greatly appreciated.

Feedback on this newsletter is welcome. The goal is to summarize the various development efforts and news of OpenAFS for the community. Please let Jason Edgecombe <> know what you would like to see out of this newsletter. Any news about AFS-related projects is welcome and may be submitted to Jason for inclusion in the next newsletter.

The current and past issues of this newsletter are available at

General OpenAFS Progress

OpenAFS 1.5.75 was released on July 7. It includes various fixes and improvements.

There is the start of a test harness in 1.5.75 and the master git branch. The tests give output in the Test Anything Protocol (TAP), which makes it easy to integrate tests written different languages. All tests will eventually reside in the "tests" folder in git. Please refer to the "tests/README" and "tests/HOWTO" files in the openafs git repository for more information on how to write tests.

As was discussed in the chat rooms and mailing lists, the --enable-fast-restart configure option has been removed on the master branch to deter novice users from using it without understanding the ramifications. This option allows the file server to restart after a crash without salvaging volumes first. This option is dangerous because data corruption may go unnoticed because the volumes might not be salvaged while a good backup is still around. The demand-attach file server offers a better option, which allows for quicker start up than the non-demand-attach server with less chance of data corruption. Only the fast-restart configure option was removed. The fast-restart code will remain in the tree until at least version 2.0. If you still need to enable the fast-restart functionality and understand the consequences, then run configure, add the line "#define FAST_RESTART 1" to src/config/afsconfig.h and compile.

Around the time of the 1.5.75 release, a new development plan was announced. The new plan calls for multiple simultaneously developed branches, which will be released as different versions. The new versions will be as follows:

The AFSLore Wiki has a new location and different software. The new location is, and the wiki was converted from twiki to ikiwiki. ikiwiki allows the wiki content to be stored in git. This allows for content edits to be done through the web or through git.

Case Study - University of Maryland, College Park

In this issue, I would like thank Thomas Payerle from The University of Maryland (College Park) for being profiled in the newsletter. --Jason

Thomas Payerle is an IT Sys Analyst at UMD.

Jason: How many full-time and part-time people are responsible for AFS support and in what capacity?

Thomas: A manager and five full-time staff, however, administering AFS is a fairly small part of their job. Other responsibilities include support of the campus Kerberos infrastructure, three medium-sized high performance computing clusters, and general system support for 300 or so University Solaris and Linux systems.

Jason: How much data do you store in AFS?

Thomas: We have 40TB or so dedicated to AFS storage. About 5TB resides on our SAN and 35TB on direct attached RAID storage. Actual usage is much less.

Jason: Do you use contractors or vendors to augment your workforce? If so, do they use your AFS space?

Thomas: Rarely, but if the need arises and AFS access is required, we provide it.

Jason: How do you use OpenAFS?

Thomas: OpenAFS is integral to the Unix environment that comprises our academic, research, and computing infrastructure. We use it to replicate core OS components and applications running on Linux and Solaris. We also use it to deploy some Microsoft Windows applications. User home directories and web pages reside in AFS, as does the University's central web hosting and WebSphere environments. Access to AFS has traditionally been provided via a native client, which is installed by default on all supported Linux and Solaris machines and by hand on Windows and Macintosh desktops on an as needed basis. More recently, we also have begun providing AFS access via a native web interface (a locally-modified MFILE clone) and via WebDAV.

Jason: How many servers do you have?

Thomas: 10 file servers, 3 DB servers

Jason: Are they in different locations? How far apart are they?

Thomas: Servers reside in three campus locations that are approximately 0.25 miles (0.5 km) apart.

Jason: Do you use any other network storage to supplement AFS, like Dropbox, or Windows shares?

Is AFS the only networked file-system that you use?

If not, what are the others, and how do they compare/contrast?

If applicable, why do you use the other file-systems?

Thomas: Microsoft DFS is the networked file-system of choice for Windows desktops attached to the campus Active Directory infrastructure. CIFS is also used, though predominantly to integrate Windows desktops in departments with Linux infrastructures. Such departments also often use NFS, especially those units who have the need/desire for departmental control. NFS is also often used to provide access to large data sets for researchers with high-speed network connections who don't need the management features of AFS and don't benefit much from its caching performance.

Finally, Lustre is replacing NFS in the HPCC arena due to its high performance

Jason: Is your investment in AFS increasing or decreasing?

Thomas: No change.


European AFS Conference

European AFS & Kerberos Conference 2010 is glad to invite you to register for this year's event, which will take place in Pilsen, Czech Republic, from September 13 to September 15. The conference is being hosted by Centre for Information Technology, University of West Bohemia.

See the conference WWW pages at for further details and breaking news.

Take advantage of the early registration rates, available until July 31. Registration can be done on-line at

There are still some available agenda slots. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences and ideas!

Submit your talk to The "Call for Participation" will end Monday August 2, 2010. Acceptances will be made based upon quality, applicability, and fit with other submissions.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Pilsen!

The Workshop Organizers,

AFS Protocol Standardization

Informal drafts that haven't been uploaded to the IETF web site:

Rx Spec:

This draft is in the very early stages. Mike Meffie and Tom Keiser are the current owners of this proposal. A formal specification of Rx is needed as a basis for other IETF proposals.

Discussion on these proposals is welcome and should be done on the AFS3-standardization list at

PTS Alternate Authentication

Status: Third Draft

draft-brashear-afs3-pts-extended-names continues to be available for review. There is still discussion about the technical content and background references.

AFS Callback Extensions

Status: Active - Waiting on RPC refresh

The callback draft is stable. There is a published implementation. My understanding is that it is accepted with the requirement that it be adjusted to use RPC refresh data types, which means AFSFetchStatus64 and the new 100ns time data type. This is regarded as "trivial" but at the same time, the spec can't be standardized as is. It is planned for merge in, IIRC, 1.9/1.10.

--Matt Benjamin


Status: Active

Rxgk is a security layer for AFS which will support strong encryption and authentication through Kerberos v5, GSI and any other GSSAPI security mechanism.

Changes which are considered suitable for the 1.5.x series are in git - look for changes with author A development tree, which will be frequently rebased, is at

Last Update: Jan 9, 2010

AFS3 ACL Rights

Status: Second draft

Last update: January 13, 2010

This draft calls for volume-level restrictions on what users with 'a' administrator rights to a folder may do. For example, you may want to prevent users from granting 'w' write access to 'system:anyuser', which would give anyone in the world with an AFS client write access.

Rx Security Object Providing Cleartext Peer Identity Assertions

Status: Third draft

Last Update: April 17, 2010

I released a new version of the Rx Clear security class I-D the other day. I am hereby soliciting comments on this new version of the draft.

The major changes in this version of the document are:


AFSVol Tag-Length-Value Remote Procedure Call Extensions

Status: Third Draft

Last Update: June 15, 2010

Here is the change log for this revision:

Moving forward, I propose making one change in -03. Namely, I want to split type AFSVOL_TLV_TYPE_UINT64 up into a few types that embed some limited semantic knowledge into the TLV layer. Specifically, I'm thinking of splitting AFSVOL_TLV_TYPE_UINT64 into the following six types:

All six would be backed by afs_uint64 in the AFSVol_TLV_value union. While this change isn't strictly necessary, it's relatively straightforward to implement, and makes the resulting volume TLV data considerably more self-describing.

As always, comments and feedback are invited.


AFS Byte-Range File Locking

Status: Fifth Draft

This draft proposes protocol extensions to support byte-range and mandatory locking.

The first draft was submitted on May 5, 2010.


Demand-Attach FileServer (DAFS)

Project Contacts:

The DAFS bug mentioned at the workshop involving restoring fileserver state has been fixed (gerrit 2205). One more DAFS bug involving demand-salvages of on-line volumes has been identified and is being worked on (gerrit 2329). A proposed run-time option is in gerrit 2277 to enable fast-restart-like functionality with DAFS. We're also working on Admin Guide and Quick Start documentation for DAFS, as well as always building DAFS and non-DAFS binaries (instead of having DAFS be a configure-time option). The positional I/O work and threaded salvaging work is postponed until after 1.6 has been branched.


Better Documentation

Project Contacts:

One of the remaining demand-attach binaries has now been documented, leaving only one left to document. There have been some other, more minor improvements to the man page documentation.

The OpenAFS wiki has been relocated from to a new permanent home and temporary URL at, probably soon to get a * DNS name. It is now using ikiwiki, and the eventual plan is to allow people to check out and commit to the underlying Git repository via Gerrit, which is more efficient than using the web editor for significant work.

User-space cache manager

Project Contact:

No update (on hold until 1.6 has branched).


Kerberos v5 and multiple encryption types

Project Contacts:

The next rxk5 "m" base will be 1.5.74. Before dealing with the new "afsconf_PickClientSecObj", I updated rxk5 "xo" (1.4 base). [ The gatekeepers need not care, but rxk5 for 1.4 is more interesting to potential testers, then there's rxosd which has unique crypto. ] Nearly all of my recent work has been on refining patch splitting. I'm up to over 100 distinct patches. The split process can work on m, xo, or in the future rxk5 for rxosd or 1.6 or 1.9 The next snapshot I do will be of "xo". Feedback for those patches will improve what I do next for 1.5.74.


--Marcus Watts

S3 Front-end for AFS

Project Contacts:

We have a new internal snapshot (alpha2) with 90% of the S3 functions. We have also a non-AFS-based simple authentication and some revision primitives, but it lacks some parts like logging or load balancing. We hope to release a preview soon.


Virtual Machine Images

Project Contact:

Update operating system to CentOS 5.5 with two VMware snapshot inside, one is based on openafs second it is based on openafs 1.5.74. I also updated the AFS Perl module to 2.6.2. Link for download:

We also develop a generic "binding" interface with swig for scripting languages, you will find in the next update

Google Summer of Code 2010

OpenAFS received five slots for the 2010 Google Summer of Code.

Go to for more information about the GSoC projects.

Unix Support for AppleDouble files (Posix Attributes)

Student Developer: Kelli Ireland <>

Mentor: Derrick Brashear <>


Initial implementation of dot-underscore file parser is being used for testing. Rewrite will be needed before integration.

--Kelli Ireland

Encrypted Storage

Student Developer: Sanket Agarwal <>

Mentor: Simon Wilkinson <>



The AFS protocol offers encryption for data transport from client to server. However, that data is stored on the server in cleartext, where it can potentially be read by the administrators of that server. This poses a real world problem for organizations who wish to outsource the provision of their file storage, whilst keeping their data confidential. This project would augment the existing AFS client to support encrypting data blocks before sending them to the file server.

Apply the kafs project of OpenAFS

Student Developer: Wang Lei <>

Mentor: David Howells <>


We have almost finished the DNS support sub-project. I've been working on adding some features to make it more complete. I have also been working on picking up the pioctl sub-project to be worked on next.

--Wang Lei

Port OpenAFS to NetBSD

Student Developer: Matt Smith <>

Mentor: Matt Benjamin <>


I have finished modifications to the LKM so that it now builds. I'm currently working on learning how to use ddb to debug it as it still crashes when loaded. The next step will be to move on to debugging functionality.

--Matt Smith

An open source version of the Microsoft Safe String Library

Student Developer: Jonas Sundberg <>

Mentor: Jeffrey Altman <>


The basic versions of the functions have been tested on both Linux and Windows and the the tests have been verified against the Microsoft implementation. A draft of the extended functions has also been written. The current focus is implementing tests for the extended functionalities of the extended functions to test the draft implementation and verify the functionality against the Microsoft implementation.


Projects with no progress or no update

Each project without progress this month is listed along with the month of the last update.

Gerrit Activity

To review a change, go to,NUM where NUM is the Change# shown in the lists below.


 Number of patches waiting for review: 74 (last month: 62)
 Patches merged into the master branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-07   62 (Partial month)
 2010-06  171
 2010-05  139
 2010-04  160
 2010-03  140
 2010-02  156
 2010-01  103
 2009-12   72
 2009-11   85
 2009-10  154
 2009-09  142
 2009-08   78
 Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-06   2
 2010-05  15
 2010-04   4
 2010-03  28
 2010-02  35
 2010-01  11
 2009-12  92
 2009-11  21
 2009-10   7
 2009-09   8
 2009-08  17

Patches waiting for review

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-07-10 Simon Wilkinson  (2384) Linux: Actually use freezer compatibility func
 2010-07-10 Simon Wilkinson  (2383) Linux: Use freezer compatibility macros in RX
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2338) vos status: report human-readable last*Time
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2337) vos status: add lastActiveTime field
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2336) vos status: actually show created time
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2376) RX: ignore all local 127/8 IFF_LOOPBACK interfaces
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2367) Treat all 127.0/16 addresses as loopback
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2375) Consolidate loopback address tests
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2368) viced: Ignore client loopback alternate addresses
 2010-07-09 Michael Meffie   (1786) viced: host hash address collisions
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2370) GetInodeSummary: free inode info
 2010-07-08 Chaz Chandler    (2372) libafscp: code cleanup
 2010-07-08 Chaz Chandler    (2371) libafscp: a library for "clientless" operations
 2010-07-08 Derrick Brashear (2366) rx mtu discovery tuning beyond ifmtu
 2010-07-08 Michael Meffie   (2312) print assertion expression
 2010-07-07 Andrew Deason    (2329) DAFS: Fix demand-salvages of attached volumes
 2010-07-07 Derrick Brashear (2344) viced install signal handler earlier
 2010-07-07 Michael Meffie   (2349) man: document bos addhost -clone
 2010-07-06 Derrick Brashear (2307) solaris build userland with CC
 2010-07-02 Benjamin Kaduk   (2321) FBSD: bandaid around vcache opens tracking
 2010-07-01 Michael Meffie   (1562) ihandle positional read and write
 2010-07-01 Andrew Deason    (2277) Add -unsafe-attach fileserver option
 2010-06-30 Jeffrey Hutzelman (2288) Fast restart for Ubik database servers
 2010-06-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2290) Linux: Make keyring destructor remove all tokens
 2010-06-30 Jeffrey Hutzelman (2275) Don't overflow a buffer on the vlserver's stack at startup
 2010-06-30 Jeffrey Hutzelman (2287) Add -ubiknocoord option to prevent becoming coordinator
 2010-06-29 Jeffrey Hutzelman (2279) Include user and build host in version string
 2010-06-28 Matt Benjamin    (2229) An RPC test dispatch library for vice
 2010-06-24 Andrew Deason    (2250) vol-salvage: Move global vars into SalvInfo struct
 2010-06-24 Christof Hanke   (1970) Add output-table to libcmd
 2010-06-24 Andrew Deason    (2246) Move FUSE autoconf code to acinclude.m4
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (2239) Provide man pages for more fssync-debug commands
 2010-06-23 Michael Meffie   (1949) xstat: fix large integer output
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2231) ubik: Fix buffers for reading-during-writes
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2106) vlserver: Allow reading during ubik writes
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2230) ubik: Abstract buffer matching and pass trans ptrs
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2108) ubik: Protect ubik_servers in urecovery_Interact
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2107) ubik: Drop dbase versionLock during I/O and sleeps
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2105) vlserver: Access cache via vl_ctx
 2010-06-21 Hartmut Reuter   (70) preparing rxosd integration: change in AFSFetchStatus
 2010-06-20 Christof Hanke   (1975) Example usage of the tabular output in libcmd
 2010-06-19 Matt Benjamin    (2216) unix cm  rx-oblivious connection pooling
 2010-06-18 Russ Allbery     (2146) Add replacement mkstemp and use it
 2010-06-16 Andrew Deason    (2209) VGetVolume_r: do not wait for offlining volumes
 2010-06-15 Andrew Deason    (2161) libafs: consistently hold vnode refs
 2010-06-09 Andrew Deason    (2104) vlserver: Add a struct for trans-specific data
 2010-06-07 Jeffrey Altman   (2089) Convert from using nvldbentry to uvldbentry
 2010-06-06 Jeffrey Altman   (1742) Make -printuuid an option for all vos commands
 2010-06-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2090) Remove 'register' from src/volser
 2010-06-04 Matt Benjamin    (2071) VICE error table
 2010-06-04 Michael Meffie   (215) rxdebug: show delayed abort packet count for rx peers
 2010-06-02 Andrew Deason    (1869) Remove the global tempHeader/stuff structures
 2010-06-02 Andrew Deason    (1863) Provide an abstract thread pool object
 2010-06-02 Andrew Deason    (1865) Allow salsrv salvage I/O to occur in parallel
 2010-06-02 Andrew Deason    (1864) Parallel I/O extensions to namei backend
 2010-06-02 Andrew Deason    (1862) Provide an abstract work queue object
 2010-06-01 Andrew Deason    (2048) Add AFS::ukernel libuafs perl bindings
 2010-05-27 Andrew Deason    (2049) Add documentation for AFS::ukernel
 2010-05-27 Matt Benjamin    (2011) Extended callback implementation
 2010-05-17 Rainer Toebbicke (1311) Lockless path through afs_linux_dentry_revalidate
 2010-05-16 Jeffrey Altman   (1965) Windows: add BSD getopt to afsutil.lib
 2010-05-08 Jacob Thebault-Spieker (433) Add throughput framework to cm_RankServer()
 2010-05-07 sanket           (1777) Add xml functionality to the vos examine command
 2010-05-05 Derrick Brashear (1906) fix dumptool on macos
 2010-03-23 Derrick Brashear (1625) preliminary support for pinned vcaches
 2010-03-17 Derrick Brashear (1553) dynamic volume allocation
 2010-02-15 Michael Meffie   (1001) return an error from afs_readdir when out of buffers
 2010-02-03 Dan Hyde         (1191) runningCalls: VOL_COUNT_LOCK vs VTRANS_LOCK
 2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1172) linux mmap anti-deadlock shouldn't break StoreAllSegments
 2010-02-03 Derrick Brashear (1201) basic kernel event system for afs cm
 2010-01-20 Simon Wilkinson  (1074) Unix CM: Include memcache's tiov in rxfs_context
 2009-09-09 Matt Benjamin    (435) clear stat flag on renamed directories
 2009-08-29 Matt Benjamin    (376) K5SSL by Marcus Watts
 2009-07-29 Michael Meffie   (147) Fix bosserver directory creation

Patches merged into the master branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-07-10 Russ Allbery     (2378) Update config.guess and config.sub to 2009-12-30 and 2010-01-22
 2010-07-10 Russ Allbery     (2377) Make config.sub executable
 2010-07-10 Russ Allbery     (2381) Terminate the DARWIN80 #if in afs_osidnlc.c
 2010-07-10 Russ Allbery     (2379) Fix ktime test for errors
 2010-07-10 Russ Allbery     (2380) Include linux/freezer.h in rx_kmutex.c
 2010-07-09 Andrew Deason    (2357) Use afs_sfsize_t for *_SIZE results
 2010-07-09 Benjamin Kaduk   (2373) Remove incorrect critical section use in dnlc_lookup
 2010-07-09 Michael Meffie   (2374) wiki url changed
 2010-07-09 Michael Meffie   (2369) build fix on older linux
 2010-07-08 Alexander Ivan Redinger (2348) SOURCE-MAP updates
 2010-07-08 Jonathan Billings (2364) Update the Red Hat spec file to include fssync-debug man pages
 2010-07-08 Simon Wilkinson  (2320) vos: Don't call SubEnumerate twice
 2010-07-08 Andrew Deason    (2359) Fix VPrintDiskStats_r logging
 2010-07-08 Andrew Deason    (2358) viced: Remove stray \r
 2010-07-08 Russ Allbery     (2356) Remove a few erroneous NEWS entries for 1.5.75
 2010-07-08 Benjamin Kaduk   (2362) Fix build
 2010-07-08 Benjamin Kaduk   (2360) FBSD: sync with NFS for *pages vnops
 2010-07-07 Russ Allbery     (2355) Add NEWS entries for 1.5.75
 2010-07-07 Andrew Deason    (2353) klog: refactor klog_prompter
 2010-07-07 Andrew Deason    (2352) Fix shlibafsrpc des.c hp-ux special case
 2010-07-07 Andrew Deason    (2351) HPUX: correct PostPopulateVCache vfsp set
 2010-07-07 Andrew Deason    (2350) HPUX: include proc_iface.h for proc_t
 2010-07-07 Andrew Deason    (2339) UINT_MAX requires limits.h
 2010-07-07 Derrick Brashear (2343) kernel InitPeerParams has bogus branching and dup code
 2010-07-06 Andrew Deason    (2341) HPUX: make osi_procname a stub
 2010-07-06 Andrew Deason    (2340) Fix stray static inline
 2010-07-06 Derrick Brashear (2335) fix newline conventions
 2010-07-06 Derrick Brashear (2334) rxkad heimdal cleanup
 2010-07-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2333) Windows: update release notes for 1.5.75
 2010-07-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2332) Windows: ChangeLog for 1.5.75
 2010-07-06 Derrick Brashear (2328) make openafs 1.5.75
 2010-07-04 Benjamin Kaduk   (2331) FBSD: always close the rx socket when shutting down
 2010-07-04 Benjamin Kaduk   (2330) Do not recurse on the glock in rxk_NewSocketHost
 2010-07-03 Jonathan Billings (2305) Removed kpasswd from openafs-file-list
 2010-07-02 Derrick Brashear (2327) update VAllocVnode logging
 2010-07-02 Andrew Deason    (2286) DAFS: Salvage VG on volume creation error
 2010-07-02 Andrew Deason    (2285) DAFS: Allow FSSYNC salvages on unknown volumes
 2010-07-02 Marc Dionne      (2324) Linux: cache bypass: fix FCSBypass tests
 2010-07-02 Marc Dionne      (2323) Linux: cache bypass: warning fix in afs_bypasscache.c
 2010-07-02 Andrew Deason    (2284) DAFS: Log attempted salvage requests
 2010-07-02 Matt Benjamin    (2215) cache-bypass  explicitly reference pages involved in background i/o
 2010-07-02 Simon Wilkinson  (2316) Build: Let configure pick our lex and yacc
 2010-07-02 Simon Wilkinson  (2283) Build: Rework git version detection
 2010-07-02 Andrew Deason    (2276) vol: Move destroyMe check outside of inUse check
 2010-07-02 Derrick Brashear (2291) VAllocVnode error handling
 2010-07-02 Rainer Toebbicke (2243) Do not call afs_FlushVCBs with afs_xvcache held
 2010-07-02 Derrick Brashear (1959) bosserver force corefiles
 2010-07-02 Marc Dionne      (2325) Linux: cache bypass: remove warning print before panic
 2010-07-02 Marc Dionne      (2322) Linux: cache bypass: warning fixes in afs_pioctl.c
 2010-07-02 Marc Dionne      (2319) Linux: cache bypass: deal with the afs_serverHasNo64Bit case
 2010-07-02 Rainer Toebbicke (2244) Protect truncate_inode_pages when called from osi_VM_FlushPages
 2010-07-02 Marc Dionne      (2317) Linux: cache bypass: avoid unused variable warnings
 2010-07-02 Marc Dionne      (2318) Linux: cache bypass: warning cleanup in afs_daemons.c
 2010-07-02 Simon Wilkinson  (2298) Linux: Fix pagevec use in cache-bypass
 2010-07-01 Benjamin Kaduk   (2315) FBSD: do not recurse on the afs_xvcache write lock
 2010-07-01 Andrew Deason    (2314) Document fs -human
 2010-07-01 Andrew Deason    (2313) fs diskfree displays 'total' not 'kbytes'
 2010-07-01 Andrew Deason    (2311) fs: Correct human-readable output alignment
 2010-07-01 Tom Keiser       (2309) nuke configure options from AIX param files
 2010-07-01 Derrick Brashear (2306) update ticket5 from heimdal
 2010-07-01 Andrew Deason    (2278) Remove --enable-fast-restart configure option
 2010-07-01 Tom Keiser       (2308) DAFS: fix VOL_HDR_IN_LRU state bit tracking
 2010-06-30 Andrew Deason    (2304) fs: HumanPrintSpace is void
 2010-06-30 Andrew Deason    (2303) vlclient: Remove incorrect whitespace fix
 2010-06-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (2297) Disable red zones for amd64 FBSD kernel code
 2010-06-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2301) Add human-readable printout to fs df
 2010-06-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2300) fix & enhance vlclient command-line handling
 2010-06-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2299) Fix VLog so that actual levels are used
 2010-06-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (2296) FBSD: in reclaim, print the failed vnode
 2010-06-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (2295) Actually invalidate the buffer in FBSD's FlushPages
 2010-06-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (2294) FBSD TryToSmush locking fixup
 2010-06-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (2293) Correct whitespace in FBSD/osi_vm.c
 2010-06-30 Benjamin Kaduk   (2292) Correct FBSD-version conditionals for VFS locking
 2010-06-30 Derrick Brashear (2282) stop abusing OPTMZ in aklog
 2010-06-29 Derrick Brashear (2281) klog warning fix
 2010-06-29 Rod Widdowson    (2280) Fix checked build of vldb_check
 2010-06-28 Simon Wilkinson  (1824) Use git describe to determine build version
 2010-06-28 Andrew Deason    (2272) LINUX24: crfree typo
 2010-06-28 Andrew Deason    (2271) LINUX24: remove pagecopy and other 2.6-only code
 2010-06-28 Andrew Deason    (2274) LINUX: Remove LINUX26 conditional in proc2cred
 2010-06-28 Andrew Deason    (2273) LINUX24: Remove BDI references
 2010-06-28 Andrew Deason    (2270) LINUX24: NEED_IOCTL32 fixup
 2010-06-28 Andrew Deason    (2269) LINUX24: cr_ref is a regular int
 2010-06-28 Andrew Deason    (2268) LINUX24: Remove group_info macros/functions
 2010-06-28 Rod Widdowson    (2027) Make file offsets in vldb layout unsigned ints
 2010-06-28 Simon Wilkinson  (2266) Make use strict and warnings
 2010-06-28 Marc Dionne      (2260) Linux: Use filehandles for all 2.6 kernels
 2010-06-28 Matt Benjamin    (2267) linux trivially track host signedness in afs_prototypes.h
 2010-06-27 Andrew Deason    (2257) libafs: correct export_reqhandler prototype
 2010-06-27 Andrew Deason    (2256) Use unsigned addresses in the NFS exporter
 2010-06-27 Andrew Deason    (2255) Use unsigned IP addresses in bu*
 2010-06-27 Andrew Deason    (2254) vlserver: Use unsigned addresses
 2010-06-27 Marc Dionne      (2259) Linux: remove some 2.6 specific code from 2.4
 2010-06-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2265) Autoconf: Update AC_INIT macro use
 2010-06-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2264) RPM Packaging: Make file types clear
 2010-06-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2263) RPM Packaging: All debug kernels are bad
 2010-06-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2262) RPM Packaging: Add support for Fedora 12 and Fedora 13
 2010-06-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2261) RPM Packaging: Skip comments in
 2010-06-26 Andrew Deason    (2258) Remove semicolon from AFS_NORETURN
 2010-06-25 Andrew Deason    (2253) ptserver: Remove IP_WILDCARDS symbol
 2010-06-25 Andrew Deason    (2252) ptserver: Use unsigned addresses
 2010-06-25 Andrew Deason    (2251) rx: Use unsigned addresses
 2010-06-25 Andrew Deason    (2249) volser: Use unsigned addresses and volume IDs
 2010-06-25 Matt Benjamin    (2245) windows  add rx_Get/SetServiceSpecific to libafsrpc module exports
 2010-06-25 Simon Wilkinson  (2247) Linux: Check return code from VerifyVCache in mmap
 2010-06-24 Andrew Deason    (2242) Remove stale warning suppressions
 2010-06-24 Jeffrey Altman   (2238) Windows: Cleanup of src/config/NTMakefile
 2010-06-24 Matt Benjamin    (2234) windows  don't include assert.h (and afs support headers) in util_cr.c
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (2241) Indicate that fssync unix sockets are the default
 2010-06-23 Rainer Toebbicke (1902) patch cbd_printCBcrash - harden callback debugging
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (2240) ubik: Remove api for reading during write locks
 2010-06-23 Benjamin Kaduk   (2214) Try to flush vnodes in FBSD's unmount, bailing if necessary
 2010-06-23 Derrick Brashear (1852) mariner log messages for creating and removing files
 2010-06-23 Rainer Toebbicke (2233) Don't hold on to the afs_xvcache lock while creating a symlink
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (2236) vldb_check: Interpret VLOP_* vlentry flags
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (2235) vos: Interpret VLOP_* lock flags
 2010-06-23 Rainer Toebbicke (1903) Do not corrupt volume linktable when special file already exists
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (875) Make ubik use unsigned addresses
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (1979) Mention that -fakestat fakes local cellular mounts
 2010-06-23 Davor Ocelic     (2220) Provide manpage for fssync-debug and most subcmds
 2010-06-23 Derrick Brashear (1872) no fs sa /afs in dynroot mode
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (2211) vol: break callbacks when needsCallback is set
 2010-06-22 Derrick Brashear (2228) rx mtu ping timing tweaks
 2010-06-22 Marc Dionne      (2232) Fix CHush test
 2010-06-22 Derrick Brashear (2223) test suite warning safety
 2010-06-22 Derrick Brashear (2217) afsd -dynroot-sparse mode for hushed cells
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2210) salvaged: Break volume callbacks on vol change
 2010-06-22 Benjamin Kaduk   (2222) Simplify preprocessor logic in afs_pioctl
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2226) vldb_check: ntohs ubik header size
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2212) Set VolumeChanged when we create a new root dir
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2225) ubik: Do not hide ReplayLog errors
 2010-06-22 Andrew Deason    (2224) ubik: ntohl on reading the replay log
 2010-06-21 Davor Ocelic     (2219) Update manpage links, fix doc typo in fssync-debug
 2010-06-19 Derrick Brashear (2218) update macos readmes
 2010-06-18 Benjamin Kaduk   (2213) Fix aklog segfault
 2010-06-17 Simon Wilkinson  (1823) Linux: Remove the BKL
 2010-06-16 Russ Allbery     (2207) Remove configure remnants of Digital UNIX / Tru64 client
 2010-06-16 Chaz Chandler    (2155) IRIX: Implement makesname()
 2010-06-16 Chaz Chandler    (2154) IRIX code cleanup
 2010-06-16 Andrew Deason    (2205) Do not assume non-valid addrs in addr hash table
 2010-06-16 Andrew Deason    (2204) Make h_stateVerifyAddrHash log port on errors
 2010-06-16 Russ Allbery     (2082) Fix aklog warnings when building with Heimdal
 2010-06-15 Russ Allbery     (2026) Rework the Kerberos Autoconf probes
 2010-06-15 Andrew Deason    (2124) GetVolume: do not wait for offlining volumes
 2010-06-15 Andrew Deason    (2206) afscp: Correctly advertise local addresses
 2010-06-15 Jeffrey Altman   (2203) mkvers.c - remove afsconfig.h, afs/param.h and assert.h
 2010-06-15 Andrew Deason    (2160) Fix tptserver and tvlserver install rules
 2010-06-15 Andrew Deason    (2123) Cleanup and doxygen-ify the comments for GetVolume
 2010-06-15 Russ Allbery     (2162) Build util tests properly with make check
 2010-06-14 Jeffrey Altman   (2159) Windows: ensure that afsconfig.h and afs/param.h are included
 2010-06-14 Jeffrey Altman   (2158) Windows: fix definition of lstat() macro
 2010-06-14 Jeffrey Altman   (2157) Windows: define errno_t on compilers older than 1400
 2010-06-14 Andrew Deason    (2103) ubik: add interface for reading during write locks
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2153) arm darwin port
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2150) ktc newpag stub when environ is not supported
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2149) darwin afsd include cleanup
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2148) afsd mill dup sys/mount.h include
 2010-06-14 Marc Dionne      (2130) Linux: Fix RCU_READ_LOCK test
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2147) generated file target
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2145) buildtools target
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2116) unix cm activate mtu pings
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2115) rx mtu ping handling
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2114) path mtu don't track nonsequenced packets
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2113) rx checkcall kill extra indirection on call for conn
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2112) idle dead time track less
 2010-06-14 Derrick Brashear (2117) unix cm log path mtu warning when retrying
 2010-06-14 Matt Benjamin    (2151) mcas fix gc_get_tag return type
 2010-06-14 Matt Benjamin    (2152) mcas cleanup inc/dec macros
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2143) libadmin: Don't dereference NULL pointer in cmd
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2142) fs: Can't use store behind data if pioctl errored
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2141) viced: CopyOnWrite2 shouldn't return undefined val
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2140) Formatting fixes
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2139) vol: open() needs mode if called with O_CREAT
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2138) audit: result is only used on AIX
 2010-06-13 Russ Allbery     (2129) Avoid off-by-one error when saving the password in klog
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2144) bucoord: Use mkstemp properly
 2010-06-13 Marc Dionne      (2131) Linux s390x: replace AFS_64BIT_KERNEL with AFS_LINUX_64BIT_KERNEL
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2137) comerr: Don't leak CFStringRef
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2136) libadmin: Don't use undefined value
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2135) Add support for clang compiler attributes
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2134) Add AFS_NORETURN macro and use it
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2133) rxgen: Remove inlist from autogenerated code
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2132) Changes to build with clang on Mac OS 10.5
 2010-06-13 Russ Allbery     (2083) Document vos listaddrs -host and -uuid
 2010-06-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2127) Linux: Fix set_cr_group_info and cr_group_info
 2010-06-12 Andrew Deason    (2122) Do not set inUse for non-fileserver non-DAFS
 2010-06-12 Andrew Deason    (2126) vlclient: work with non-space whitespace
 2010-06-11 Derrick Brashear (2125) dafs state analyzer shouldn't require trailing spaces in commands
 2010-06-11 Andrew Deason    (2121) Remove afsio warnings and errors
 2010-06-11 Matt Benjamin    (2053) windows  cm_BeginDirOp add flags (nobuildtree)
 2010-06-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2120) RX: Can't assert a void result
 2010-06-11 Matt Benjamin    (2097) rx service specific data
 2010-06-10 Andrew Deason    (709) Break origin's callback for RXAFS_Rename target
 2010-06-10 Andrew Deason    (436) Avoid unnecessarily updating .. in SAFSS_Rename
 2010-06-10 Jeffrey Altman   (2110) Windows: Revise SMB QuerySecurityInfo for MS10-020
 2010-06-10 Derrick Brashear (2091) further constrict nat pings
 2010-06-10 Russ Allbery     (2109) Add additional documentation for the new test suite
 2010-06-09 Andrew Deason    (2102) Install pthreaded ptserver and vlserver
 2010-06-09 Andrew Deason    (2101) Move FreeBlock prototype to vlserver_internal.h
 2010-06-09 Andrew Deason    (2100) Define updateUbikNetworkAddress static
 2010-06-09 Russ Allbery     (2099) Fix the trailing #endif comment in tests/tap/basic.h
 2010-06-09 Russ Allbery     (2098) Add okv function to the TAP test library
 2010-06-09 Jeffrey Altman   (2095) Windows: Detect if AFSCache is memory mapped to a new address
 2010-06-08 Andrew Deason    (2096) Solaris: lookup "" like "."
 2010-06-07 Andrew Deason    (2094) AIX: make osi_procname a stub
 2010-06-07 Andrew Deason    (1987) libafs: consistently hold vnode refs
 2010-06-07 Andrew Deason    (2093) Make lib/afs.exp in sys_depinstall
 2010-06-07 Andrew Deason    (2092) AIX: declare code in osi_TryEvictVCache
 2010-06-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2088) Windows: remove src/NTMakefile
 2010-06-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2087) Windows: Cleanup .exp .res .manifest and others
 2010-06-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2080) Windows: Update fs newcell and add VIOCNEWCELL2
 2010-06-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2079) Windows: Freelance Import CellServDB
 2010-06-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2085) Windows: engage path mtu discovery for rx
 2010-06-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2084) Windows: enable circular buffer management for rx socket input
 2010-06-04 Russ Allbery     (2065) Comprehensive edit of Admin Guide chapter two (first 20%)
 2010-06-04 Derrick Brashear (2069) rx mtu discovery constrainment code
 2010-06-04 Simona Poilinca  (1778) Windows: convert cm_config.c to use strsafe library
 2010-06-04 Asanka Herath    (2034) Windows: Support building a lite-client installer
 2010-06-04 Rainer Toebbicke (2072) "fs checkservers" during cache creation can crash client
 2010-06-04 Russ Allbery     (2035) Document in SalvageLog(5) the per-partition salvager logs
 2010-06-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2078) Windows: Fix usage of cm_FreeServerList
 2010-06-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2077) Windows: Reduce number of Nat Ping Connections
 2010-06-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2076) Windows: Fix cm_IoctlSkipQueryOptions buffer management
 2010-06-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2075) Windows: do not request KEY_WRITE privilege if not required
 2010-06-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2074) Windows: warning removal
 2010-06-03 Derrick Brashear (2081) darwin notify don't recurse on vcache lock
 2010-06-03 Andrew Deason    (2073) up: refuse multicharacter arguments
 2010-06-03 Asanka Herath    (2033) Windows: Fix midl options for generating stub code
 2010-06-02 Derrick Brashear (2068) rx allow setpeermtu to take a peer
 2010-06-02 Derrick Brashear (2067) rx setpeermtu should handle a host correctly
 2010-06-02 Derrick Brashear (2066) aklog no krb524 kill warnings
 2010-06-01 Russ Allbery     (2052) Add warnings for Authentication Server commands
 2010-06-01 Derrick Brashear (2058) prune further list of connections we natping on

Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-06-23 Andrew Deason    (2237) ubik: ntohl on reading the replay log
 2010-06-14 Russ Allbery     (2128) Do not use AFS_PTR_FMT or %p in 1.4