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OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 10, October 2010

Welcome to the October issue of the OpenAFS newsletter. This newsletter summarizes what is happening in the OpenAFS community.

As always, volunteers, patches, bug reports, or any other type of help is greatly appreciated.

Feedback on this newsletter is welcome. The goal is to summarize the various development efforts and news of OpenAFS for the community. Please let Jason Edgecombe <> know what you would like to see out of this newsletter. Any news about AFS-related projects is welcome and may be submitted to Jason for inclusion in the next newsletter.

The current and past issues of this newsletter are available at

There is no case study this month. Please email Jason if you would like to volunteer.

General OpenAFS Progress

The official results for the chairs of the afs3-standardization group is still pending, waiting on the results from one of the three vote-takers.

Jeffrey Altman announced that the OpenAFS code base needs to migrate away from MIT Kerberos and towards Heimdal as the primary Kerberos library <>. This change is required to maintain a high-level of Windows support and to enable the use of stronger encryption. To make this change easier, a shim library is being developed at, which allows for either Kerberos distribution to be used. The transition was discussed on the openafs-devel mailing list with most people preferring that minimal Heimdal code be imported into the OpenAFS git repository.


European AFS Conference

Thanks to Michal Svamberg for providing a summary of the European AFS Conference. --Ed.

The European OpenAFS & Kerberos Conference 2010 <> was held between 13 and 15 September 2010 in Pilsen <ň>, Czech Republic <>. It was hosted by the Centre for Information Technology, University of West Bohemia <>. Earlier international conferences took place in Graz (2008) <> and Rome (2009) <>.

The number of participants grows steadily and the event promises to become a regular European forum for OpenAFS users and developers. This year, there were 75 participants from nine different countries. In addition, on-line audience counting more than 50 viewers around the world was watching live streams.

The organizing institute has been an AFS user for many years, having started the early experiments with Transarc AFS in 1994 and relying on AFS as the only distributed file system across the campus (23000+ accounts, 200+ servers, 7800+ end user PCs) since 1996. Find more information on the distributed environment deployed by the hosting institute as well as other organizations relying on AFS and Kerberos in posters <>.

To name but a few lectures from the program:

Visit the conference web site at to watch recordings of other interesting talks.

The conference program also included two tutorials. The first one, Advanced Tuning & Troubleshooting <>, was given by Derrick Brashear and Jeffrey Altman. Participants were invited to present problems they are facing and received tips for tuning their environment to achieve better performance.

The second tutorial, Setting-up your AFS Cell <>, was given by Wolfgang Alexander Gehrke and Christof Hanke. It focused on beginners, who learned about the internals of the system and had a chance to try and set up their own file servers within a testing infrastructure.

The official program was complemented by social events. Participants have learned about the World's best beer, seen the brewery and tasted the final product. The organizers were delighted by their enthusiasm and also by the persistence of those who endured until late night or even early morning. See the image gallery <> for photographs taken at the conference sessions as well as the social events.

We would like to thank all attendants and we are looking forward to next year's event, which is going to be hosted by DESY <> in Hamburg.

AFS Protocol Standardization

Informal drafts that haven't been uploaded to the IETF web site:

Rx Spec:

This draft is in the very early stages. Mike Meffie and Tom Keiser are the current owners of this proposal. A formal specification of Rx is needed as a basis for other IETF proposals.

Discussion on these proposals is welcome and should be done on the AFS3-standardization list at

PTS Alternate Authentication

Status: Seventh Draft

Last update: August 31, 2010

A request for last call will happen soon.


AFS Callback Extensions

Status: Active - Waiting on RPC refresh

Last Update: September 23, 2009

The callback draft is stable. There is a published implementation. My understanding is that it is accepted with the requirement that it be adjusted to use RPC refresh data types, which means AFSFetchStatus64 and the new 100ns time data type. This is regarded as "trivial" but at the same time, the spec can't be standardized as is. It is planned for merge in, IIRC, 1.9/1.10.

--Matt Benjamin


Status: Active

Last Draft Update: Jan 9, 2010

A working implementation of rxgk was demonstrated at the European AFS & Kerberos Workshop in Pilsen. Whilst there is still work to be done, both on completing the implementation, and on getting the code into the OpenAFS tree, this is an important milestone. Slides from the Pilsen talk are available on their web site, the current rxgk code is, as always, available on github.

--Simon Wilkinson

AFS3 ACL Rights

Status: Second draft

Last update: January 13, 2010

We're waiting for the afs3-standardization structure to solidify before proceeding with this. So, no progress right now.

--Andrew Deason

Rx Security Object Providing Clear-text Peer Identity Assertions

Status: Third draft

Last Update: April 17, 2010

I released a new version of the Rx Clear security class I-D the other day. I am hereby soliciting comments on this new version of the draft.

The major changes in this version of the document are:


AFSVol Tag-Length-Value Remote Procedure Call Extensions

Status: Fourth Draft

Last Update: August 4, 2010

The other week I submitted a new draft to the IETF which implements the aforementioned changes (as well as a few others). The new draft is available at the following URLs:

The complete revision history is as follows:

Any comments or feedback are appreciated.


AFS Byte-Range File Locking

Status: Fifth Draft

This draft proposes protocol extensions to support byte-range and mandatory locking.

The first draft was submitted on May 5, 2010.


Demand-Attach FileServer (DAFS)

Project Contacts:

A fix for improving startup preattachment speed was merged (gerrit 2648), as well as the minor fixes for -vhashsize (2649, 2650). The fix for salvaging attached volumes (2329) was almost merged, but had a conflict that was recently resolved and hasn't been merged yet. More prerequisites for salvageserver threading improvements have been merged (1862, 1863), and the improvements themselves should be in soon, as well. A fix for log-related performance problems with large numbers of volumes was submitted and merged in gerrit 2759.


Better Documentation

Project Contacts:

There were a few minor fixes, but I don't think any significant changes in the past month.


Google Summer of Code 2010

OpenAFS received five slots for the 2010 Google Summer of Code.

Go to for more information about the GSoC projects.

Unix Support for AppleDouble files (Posix Attributes)

Student Developer: Kelli Ireland <>

Mentor: Derrick Brashear <>


No update. --Ed.

Encrypted Storage

Student Developer: Sanket Agarwal <>

Mentor: Simon Wilkinson <>


I am following up on the branch completed by Simon at This contains code for rxgk AND hcrypto. I am presently hacking code off for my hcrypto usage.


Port OpenAFS to NetBSD

Student Developer: Matt Smith <>

Mentor: Matt Benjamin <>


Due to classwork, the only progress I've been able to make so far is to merge the changes from the summer with master.

The version that I pushed up still only had a mountable LKM, was able to retrieve the names of the files from the server but could not actually create the vnodes. So what remains is to finish debugging vnode creation, then move on to reading/writing, permissions, etc.

Unfortunately, I cloned master today and was unable to compile it again due to some Heimdal changes that had been merged. Those aren't from me, however. :)

--Matt Smith

Projects with no progress or no update

Each project without progress this month is listed along with the month of the last update.

Gerrit Activity

To review a change, go to,NUM where NUM is the Change# shown in the lists below.


 Patches merged into the master branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-10   75 (Partial month)
 2010-09  135
 2010-08  115
 2010-07  154
 2010-06  171
 2010-05  139
 2010-04  161
 2010-03  140
 2010-02  155
 2010-01  103
 2009-12   72
 2009-11   85
 2009-10  154
 2009-09  142
 Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-10   2 (Partial month)
 2010-09   2
 2010-08  10
 2010-06   2
 2010-05  15
 2010-04   4
 2010-03  28
 2010-02  35
 2010-01  11
 2009-12  92
 2009-11  21
 2009-10   7
 2009-09   8

Patches merged into the master branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-10-14 Marc Dionne      (2989) LINUX/osi_vnodeops.c: minor coding style fixes
 2010-10-14 Jeffrey Altman   (2978) Rx: function return type on separate line
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (1864) Parallel I/O extensions to namei backend
 2010-10-14 Marc Dionne      (2975) Linux: fix statfs configure test
 2010-10-14 Tom Keiser       (2980) rx: fix typo in rx_atomic Solaris backend
 2010-10-14 Simon Wilkinson  (2959) rx: Don't count unknown packets as missing
 2010-10-14 Jeffrey Altman   (2966) Rx: Consolidate wait for tq busy and make its use uniform
 2010-10-14 Simon Wilkinson  (2957) rx: Don't malloc the xmit list
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (2973) LINUX: old kernel warning fixes
 2010-10-14 Tom Keiser       (2968) don't release Volume lightweight ref too early
 2010-10-14 Hans-Werner Paulsen (2972) wrong rule to make afsd_fuse
 2010-10-14 Marc Dionne      (2976) Linux: fix aklog -setpag to work with ktc_SetTokenEx
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (2947) RX: Force sane timeout values
 2010-10-14 Andrew Deason    (2967) RX: Adjust all timeouts for RTT
 2010-10-13 Tom Keiser       (2970) trailing commas make xlc a sad panda
 2010-10-13 Tom Keiser       (2971) update fssync-debug to handle the VOL_LOCKED flag
 2010-10-13 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2943) Use bigger I/O sizes for the memcache
 2010-10-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2963) hcrypto: Tidy up some merge conflicts
 2010-10-13 Andrew Deason    (2946) LINUX: Build fixes for older kernels
 2010-10-12 Simon Wilkinson  (2956) rx: Don't call gettimeofday for every packet ack
 2010-10-12 Jeffrey Altman   (2964) Windows: Build hcrypto shared library
 2010-10-12 Jeffrey Altman   (2961) Windows: Cleanup build scripts; no include\afs or include\rx
 2010-10-12 Simon Wilkinson  (2962) Fix rxperf includes
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2955) rx: Indent dpf definition
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2954) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2953) Heimdal: Import rand-w32.c for hcrypto on Windows
 2010-10-11 Jeffrey Altman   (2950) Windows: Do not issue RXAFS change RPCs on known RO volumes
 2010-10-11 Simon Wilkinson  (2896) Unix: Rework build system
 2010-10-11 Andrew Deason    (2480) fssync-debug: exec DAFS version if DAFS detected
 2010-10-11 Phillip Moore    (2948) Extract the .version file when building the srpm file
 2010-10-11 Benjamin Kaduk   (2951) Revert "FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp"
 2010-10-06 Benjamin Kaduk   (2942) FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp
 2010-10-06 Phillip Moore    (2940) Added missing CLI argument dropped during last commit.
 2010-10-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2913) Windows: do not leak cm_volume_t objects from LRU queue
 2010-10-05 Phillip Moore    (2914) Quick Start Guide updated for RHEL rpms, and CLI syntax
 2010-10-05 Christof Hanke   (2912) volserver: Do not return ENOMEM on AIX from XVolListPartitions
 2010-10-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2910) Windows: Kill AFS_LARGEFILES preprocessor symbol
 2010-10-05 Jeffrey Altman   (2880) rx: Reduce dependence on call->lock
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2908) Irix: Make compiler less chatty
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2904) hcrypto: Fix builds on Irix
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2907) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2906) Yet more imports from libroken
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2870) Kill AFS_64BIT_ENV
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2909) Revert "util: Add base64 from Heimdal's roken"
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2902) Import yet more files from Heimdal
 2010-10-05 Simon Wilkinson  (2903) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2901) Heimdal: Fix 32bit build problems
 2010-10-04 Andrew Deason    (2893) vol: Log ignored dirs that look like partitions
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2900) util: Add base64 from Heimdal's roken
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2899) hcrypto: Build fixes
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2898) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2897) Add more files from Heimdal
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2895) configure: Don't let autoconf pick our CFLAGS
 2010-10-04 Simon Wilkinson  (2894) configure: Restore saved CFLAGS
 2010-10-03 Marc Dionne      (2892) Remove duplicate rx_stats targets in libuafs Makefile
 2010-10-03 Andrew Deason    (2731) vos release: Force full dump on RO_DONTUSE sites
 2010-10-03 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2891) sin_family is not network order
 2010-10-03 Derrick Brashear (2890) rx stats atomic inclusion needs kmutexes for emulation
 2010-10-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2887) Windows: Ensure that cm_NameI errors are acted upon promptly
 2010-10-03 Jeffrey Altman   (2886) Windows: Fix Parent(path) computation to permit mp and symlink creation
 2010-10-03 Derrick Brashear (2885) add rxstats to kernel
 2010-10-03 Marc Dionne      (2888) Conditionalize include of string.h in rx_stats.c
 2010-10-03 Marc Dionne      (2889) Linux: correct use of atomic_add and atomic_sub functions
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2882) Rx: Fix RXDEBUG_PACKET builds
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2881) Rx: raise rx_minPeerTimeout to 20ms
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2871) Rx: When call receive is done, send ack all packet
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2837) Rx: protect rx_conn and rx_call refCount field with rx_refcnt_mutex
 2010-10-02 Derrick Brashear (2884) darwin kernel atomics
 2010-10-02 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2877) add option to rxperf to use rx_Readv() instead of rx_Read()
 2010-10-02 Jeffrey Altman   (2883) Windows: Pass Volume Root Fid to cm_Analyze after RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus
 2010-10-02 Andrew Deason    (1863) Provide an abstract thread pool object
 2010-10-02 Andrew Deason    (1862) Provide an abstract work queue object
 2010-10-02 Derrick Brashear (2875) exempt instant timeouts from mtu discovery
 2010-10-02 Andrew Deason    (2759) DAFS: Raise LogLevel for per-chain vol stats
 2010-10-01 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2876) rename some variables in rxperf
 2010-09-30 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2869) configure: --with-linux-kernel-packaging should default to disabled
 2010-09-30 Chas Williams - CONTRACTOR (2874) afsd's -mem_alloc_sleep is obselete -- update documentation to reflect this.
 2010-09-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2859) rx: Add rx_NewThreadId function
 2010-09-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2863) rx: Don't have different args for rxi_FreeCall
 2010-09-30 Andrew Deason    (2533) viced: VNOVOL on deleted volumes
 2010-09-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2862) rx: Make statistics interface use Atomics
 2010-09-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2861) rx: Use atomics for rxi_AllocSize and rxi_AllocCnt
 2010-09-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2860) rx: Make nWaiting and nWaited atomic
 2010-09-30 Andrew Deason    (2650) DAFS: document the limits of -vhashsize
 2010-09-30 Derrick Brashear (2868) linux define ucontext properly
 2010-09-30 Simon Wilkinson  (2858) rx: Add atomic operations code
 2010-09-30 Asanka Herath    (2866) Windows: Set NTDDI_VERSION when setting _WIN32_WINNT
 2010-09-29 Benjamin Kaduk   (2864) More FBSD syscall tweaking
 2010-09-29 Simon Wilkinson  (2856) RX: Tidy reader data locking
 2010-09-28 Simon Wilkinson  (2857) rx: Limit window size to max acks
 2010-09-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2855) rxperf: Really set UDP buffer size
 2010-09-27 Simon Wilkinson  (2854) Fix rxperf so that it works with pthreads
 2010-09-27 Marc Dionne      (2853) viced, tviced: Set but not used variables
 2010-09-27 Marc Dionne      (2852) volser: Set but not used variables
 2010-09-27 Marc Dionne      (2851) tubik: minor Makefile cleanups
 2010-09-27 Derrick Brashear (2850) pam test should return an int in main
 2010-09-26 Russ Allbery     (2849) Update Debian packaging to 1.5.77-2 release
 2010-09-24 Michael Meffie   (2843) scout: display fetch and store counts as unsigned
 2010-09-24 Simon Wilkinson  (2844) rx: Big windows make us sad
 2010-09-24 Simon Wilkinson  (2842) libafsrpc depends on rxstat and fsint
 2010-09-23 Matt Smith       (2767) Updates to the Cache Manager to include NetBSD5 support
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2840) rxperf: Fix the Unix build again
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2841) rxperf: Add build rules to build a pthreaded version
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2833) Add an LWP version of the hcrypto library
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2576) Move des/stats.h to rxkad directory
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2828) tests: Fix objdir builds
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2827) rx: Add struct rx_identity
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2826) rx: Add an opaque type
 2010-09-23 Russ Allbery     (2836) Link dafssync-debug(8) to fssync-debug(8)
 2010-09-23 Russ Allbery     (2831) Fix POD errors in fileserver and dasalvager
 2010-09-23 Russ Allbery     (2830) Update bos create man page for new naming of demand-attach binaries
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2825) auth: Add documentation for ktc_ListTokensEx
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2608) hcrypto: Add dirfd definition for solaris
 2010-09-23 Jeffrey Altman   (2835) Additional functionality for rxperf
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2838) libuafs: Don't #define user
 2010-09-23 Simon Wilkinson  (2832) rxkad: Make the test suite build again
 2010-09-22 Simon Wilkinson  (2834) rxperf: Fix so it builds on Unix
 2010-09-21 Simon Wilkinson  (2736) rxgen: Handle complex structures
 2010-09-21 Jeffrey Altman   (2815) Rx: Change minimum peer timeout to 2ms
 2010-09-21 Jeffrey Altman   (2818) Rx: Permit MakeDebugCall() be be compiled when RXDEBUG is undefined
 2010-09-21 Jeffrey Altman   (2817) Rx: Do not hold call lock across memcpy in rx_ReadProc/rx_WriteProc
 2010-09-21 Russ Allbery     (2819) Add NEWS entries for OpenAFS 1.5.77 and 1.5.76
 2010-09-21 Jeffrey Altman   (2816) Rx: Permit udp buffer size to be set in rxperf
 2010-09-21 Jeffrey Altman   (2771) Windows: Negative Caching for Volume Lookups
 2010-09-20 Russ Allbery     (2761) Mention KRB5CCNAME in the aklog man page
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2783) Rx: Permit ADAPT_WINDOW code to build
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2779) Windows: Export additional RX debugging variables from afsrpc.dll
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2778) Rx: PrintTheseStats should not be dependent on RXDEBUG
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2777) Rx: move TSFPQ prototypes from rx_globals.h to rx_protoypes.h
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2776) Rx: properly compute dataPacketsReSent statistic
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2775) Rx: always use tservice variable in rxi_ServerProc
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2787) Rx: Only backoff the peer timeout once
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2782) Rx: only compute peer bytes sent and received if rx_stats_active
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2781) Rx: avoid lock churn in rxi_ReceiveAckPacket
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2774) Windows: Release builds of Rx should be lean and mean
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2773) Rx: Build rxperf test application on Windows
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2750) rx: Call rxgen_consts.h by its proper name
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2738) RX: Make rxi_Alloc return (void *)
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2758) viced: Don't fall back to tokens
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2757) ubik: Remove unused error codes
 2010-09-20 Marc Dionne      (2734) rxgen, kauth: Set but not used variables
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2756) ptserver: Merge WhoIsThis and WhoIsThisWithName
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2755) Add additional dependencies for shlibafsrpc
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2753) userok: Don't double check for expiry
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2752) auth: Restructure userok
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2749) tokens: Use the new tokens interface
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2772) Rx: Move rxperf test application to src/rx/tests
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2748) auth: Add the ktc_ListTokensEx function
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2780) Rx: cleanup testclient and testserver test applications
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2747) authcon: Use ktc_GetTokenEx in ClientAuthToken
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2766) Rename kauth/token.c as kauth/katoken.c
 2010-09-20 Jeffrey Altman   (2765) Windows: Add new token interface with stub for ktc_GetTokenEx
 2010-09-20 Simon Wilkinson  (2754) Linux: print after BUG() is pretty useless
 2010-09-20 Marc Dionne      (2784) vlserver: Set but not used variables
 2010-09-20 Andrew Deason    (2763) libafs: Fix pioctl get/putInt alignment issues
 2010-09-20 Andrew Deason    (2760) volser: Delete timed-out temporary volumes
 2010-09-20 Marc Dionne      (2785) butc: Set but unused variables
 2010-09-20 Andrew Deason    (2764) libafs: Fix compile errors in afs_nfsclnt.c
 2010-09-20 Marc Dionne      (2786) vol: Set but not used variables
 2010-09-19 Marc Dionne      (2770) Linux: normalize error return for emulated syscalls
 2010-09-17 Derrick Brashear (2762) disable Rx packet tracking
 2010-09-14 Steve Simmons    (2720) Automatically find all files and generate .pods files
 2010-09-14 Andrew Deason    (2725) DAFS: raise vhashsize limit
 2010-09-14 Andrew Deason    (2649) DAFS: Do not ignore out-of-range -vhashsize
 2010-09-14 Marc Dionne      (2733) Always check return code from iod_Write
 2010-09-14 Marc Dionne      (2732) rx: Set but not used variables
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2751) auth: Make token_FreeSet work on an empty set
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2746) Linux: Move keyring includes where they're needed
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2745) shlibafsrpc: Export additional symbols
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2744) Ignore *.dSYM files in working directory
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2743) Add config.log to gitignore globally
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2742) auth: Add a gitignore file for the test directory
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2741) pam: Remove unused library definitions
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2740) aklog: Fix some format warnings
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2739) aklog: Fix weak_crypto tests
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2737) RX: Make the sample client and server build
 2010-09-13 Simon Wilkinson  (2735) vlserver: Use com_err for Ubik error messages
 2010-09-10 Marc Dionne      (2729) Warning fix for gcc 4.5 "operation may be undefined" warnings
 2010-09-10 Andrew Deason    (2730) udebug: Always show tidCounter
 2010-09-09 Andrew Deason    (2727) namei: Do not remove n_voldir1
 2010-09-09 Michael Meffie   (2728) manpage correction for restorevol -file option
 2010-09-09 Andrew Deason    (2648) vol: Add VInit cond var and remove busywaits
 2010-09-08 Andrew Deason    (2651) namei: Limit traversal when removing data dirs
 2010-09-08 Steve Simmons    (2719) Add new file src/venus/cacheout to things that should be ignored.
 2010-09-08 Derrick Brashear (2715) ubik recovery and remote use correct file number
 2010-09-07 Jeffrey Altman   (2710) Windows: 1.5.77 Change Log summary
 2010-09-07 Jeffrey Altman   (2709) Windows: Improve SMB detection of Local System account
 2010-09-07 Jeffrey Altman   (2663) Windows: revise NTSTATUS response for ALLBUSY, ALLOFFLINE, and ALLDOWN
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2662) Windows: Modify signature of buf_CleanAsync and buf_CleanAsyncLocked
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2661) Windows: Permit cm_scache rwlock to be dropped when "Stablized"
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2660) Windows: fail cm_CheckNTOpen if READ|DELETE for readonly file
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2658) Windows: Add validation for directory buffer contents
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2657) Windows: cm_TryBulkStatRPC must process VIO errors
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2656) Windows: better handle RX_MSGSIZE errors
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2655) Windows: print the value of cm_OfflineROIsValid to afsd_init.log
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2654) Windows: Handle RX_RESTARTING consistently for all RPCs
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2653) Windows: Log cell along with volume id for server errors
 2010-09-06 Jeffrey Altman   (2652) Windows: unix modes represented in octal
 2010-09-06 Derrick Brashear (2664) rx msgsize retry logic change
 2010-09-05 Marc Dionne      (2668) afs_DoBulkStat: don't call afs_Analyze without holding the GLOCK
 2010-09-05 Andrew Deason    (2667) vos: Show effects in single-volume dryrun mode
 2010-09-05 Andrew Deason    (2665) cacheout: Improve error handling
 2010-09-05 Andrew Deason    (2666) vos: Show after effects in dryrun mode
 2010-09-02 Andrew Deason    (2643) RedHat: Package libafshcrypto libraries
 2010-09-02 Andrew Deason    (2642) RedHat: Do not force krb5-config path
 2010-09-02 Andrew Deason    (2641) RedHat: Update openafs.spec for configure changes
 2010-09-02 Andrew Deason    (2640) RedHat: Use git-version in
 2010-09-01 Andrew Deason    (2639) RedHat: Use in
 2010-09-01 Russ Allbery     (2644) Update Autoconf Kerberos probes to latest rra-c-util version
 2010-09-01 Jonathan Billings (2630) Linux: Updated RedHat spec file with new demand attach servers and docs

Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch

 Date       Author          Change# Description
 2010-10-11 Andrew Deason    (2879) Use afs_foff_t for offsets
 2010-10-11 Andrew Deason    (2423) Use afs_sfsize_t for *_SIZE results
 2010-09-02 Andrew Deason    (2646) RedHat: Find krb5-config in /usr/bin
 2010-09-01 Andrew Deason    (2638) Linux: RedHat packaging updates for RHEL6
 2010-08-30 Jason Edgecombe  (2615) Remove the 2TB partition limit from the 1.4.x man pages
 2010-08-25 Michael Meffie   (2610) backport of time-t-casting-fixes-20060404