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OpenAFS Newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2011

Welcome to the January issue of the OpenAFS newsletter. This newsletter summarizes what is happening in the OpenAFS community.

As always, volunteers, patches, bug reports, or any other type of help is greatly appreciated.

Feedback on this newsletter is welcome. The goal is to summarize the various development efforts and news of OpenAFS for the community. Please let Jason Edgecombe <> know what you would like to see out of this newsletter. Any news about AFS-related projects is welcome and may be submitted to Jason for inclusion in the next newsletter.

The current and past issues of this newsletter are available at

General OpenAFS Progress

The 1.6.0 release candidate 1 is available for download from The 1.6.x series will be the new stable release series for OpenAFS. 1.6.0 includes all of the changes from the 1.5.x series. The differences between the 1.4.x and 1.6.x series are too numerous to mention.

Release 1.4.14 is available from Changes include numberous fixes and support the Linux kernel versions up to 2.6.37.

AFS Protocol Standardization

Discussion on these proposals is welcome and should be done on the AFS3-standardization list at

PTS Alternate Authentication

Status: Eighth Draft (07) - Consensus reached

A minor wording clarification will be provided, at which point this will be ready to be ratified as a standard. --Derrick

AFS Callback Extensions

Status: Active - Waiting on RPC refresh

Last Update: September 23, 2009

There is a need to publish a revised draft. I should be able do so in the next couple of weeks.

--Matt Benjamin


Status: Initial Draft

Last Draft Update: Jan 9, 2010

A working implementation of rxgk was demonstrated at the European AFS & Kerberos Workshop in Pilsen. Whilst there is still work to be done, both on completing the implementation, and on getting the code into the OpenAFS tree, this is an important milestone. Slides from the Pilsen talk are available on their web site, the current rxgk code is, as always, available on github.

--Simon Wilkinson

Rx Security Object Providing Clear-text Peer Identity Assertions

Status: Third draft

Last Update: April 17, 2010

AFSVol Tag-Length-Value Remote Procedure Call Extensions

Status: Fourth Draft

Last Update: August 4, 2010

Draft -03 is currently awaiting feedback to Any feedback would be appreciated.


Tom has issued a second call for review.


AFS Byte-Range File Locking

Status: Fifth Draft

This draft proposes protocol extensions to support byte-range and mandatory locking.

The first draft was submitted on May 5, 2010.

Adding Extended Authentication Names to the Bos Super User list

Status: Initial Draft

Last Update: December 7, 2010

This document describes an additional set of RX remote procedure calls which may be used to managed extended authenticated names within the AFS-3 basic overseer service's SuperUser list


Extended Callback Information

Project Contacts:

An updated XCB implementation (features added to better support byte-range locking, e.g., unicast XCB message types and corrected callback per-message results) is available in provisional form from the openafs-rxgk repository. A version with important bugfixes should be available in the next 1-2 weeks.


User-space cache manager

Project Contact:

The PIC-related problems with the libuafs perl bindings on some platforms have been fixed, and will be submitted to gerrit sometime soon. There will certainly be other issues and such to discuss when that happens, but this is seeing progress again.


Projects with no progress or no update

Each project without progress this month is listed along with the month of the last update.

Gerrit Activity

To review a change, go to,NUM where NUM is the Change# shown in the lists below.


 Patches merged into the master branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2011-01   30 (Partial month)
 2010-12  105
 2010-11  145
 2010-10  168
 2010-09  135
 2010-08  115
 2010-07  154
 2010-06  171
 2010-05  139
 2010-04  161
 2010-03  140
 2010-02  155
 2010-01  103
 2009-12   72
 Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch:
 Month   Number of Commits
 2010-12  16
 2010-11   9
 2010-10   7
 2010-09   2
 2010-08  10
 2010-06   2
 2010-05  15
 2010-04   4
 2010-03  28
 2010-02  35
 2010-01  11
 2009-12  92

Patches merged into the master branch

 Date       Committer       Change# Description
 2011-01-15 Andrew Deason    (3662) RX: Include netinet/ip6.h before inet/ip.h
 2011-01-15 Andrew Deason    (3661) merge-pod: Be more compatible with older perl
 2011-01-15 Benjamin Kaduk   (3656) FBSD: remove vestiges of Giant
 2011-01-14 Jeffrey Altman   (3658) Windows: fixup gettmpdir()
 2011-01-14 Jeffrey Altman   (3657) Windows: osilog param size is size_t
 2011-01-13 Andrew Deason    (3652) RX: No userspace atomic_ops in Solaris pre-10
 2011-01-13 Derrick Brashear (3651) afsd: CellItems doesn't apply to memcache mode
 2011-01-12 Andrew Deason    (3653) SOLARIS: Include sys/varargs.h for kernel stdarg
 2011-01-11 Marc Dionne      (3637) Cache bypass: fix use of incorrect "states"
 2011-01-10 Andrew Deason    (3636) LINUX: afs_linux_put_link is void
 2011-01-10 Stephan Wiesand  (3628) rpm: don't package files twice
 2011-01-10 Andrew Deason    (3627) git-version: Do not specify --ignore-submodules
 2011-01-10 Jeffrey Altman   (3630) Windows: refactor buf_Get() to improve readability
 2011-01-10 Jeffrey Altman   (3629) Windows: remove all refs to unused buf_GetNew()
 2011-01-05 Tom Keiser       (2969) provide more verbose logging when VGetVolumeByVp_r fails
 2011-01-04 Jeffrey Altman   (3617) Windows: remove unused vars from cm_server.c
 2011-01-04 Jeffrey Altman   (3616) Windows: netidmgr_plugin move roken.h to afscred.h
 2011-01-04 Jeffrey Altman   (3615) Windows: permit clean when switching platforms
 2011-01-03 Simon Wilkinson  (3614) Unix CM: Don't blow up if we have non-rxkad tokens
 2011-01-03 Simon Wilkinson  (3613) roken: Check for bswap16 and bswap32 defines
 2011-01-03 Simon Wilkinson  (3612) autoconf: Tidy up header includes
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3611) auth: Move key related code to its own file
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3608) libadmin: Don't use internal struct for key data
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3610) tests: Add more tests for auth KeyFile handling
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3609) roken: Export more snprintf symbols
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (2585) Add "brief" option to rxgen
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3581) rx: Implement rx_atomic_dec_and_read
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3580) rx: Protect rx_atomic.h against multiple inclusion
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3607) auth: Don't crash if UserList contains bogus line
 2011-01-02 Simon Wilkinson  (3606) rx: Don't crash when emptying an empty identity
 2010-12-30 Jeffrey Altman   (3605) Windows: MIT license applies to parsemode()
 2010-12-29 Jeffrey Altman   (3604) Windows: buf_CleanAsync scp->fid == bp->fid
 2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altman   (3603) Windows: fs checkserver skip multi-homed up server
 2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altman   (3602) Windows: fs checkservers should list vldb as well
 2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altman   (3600) vos: do not mix memory allocation methods
 2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altman   (3599) Windows: cleanup preprocessor definition namespace
 2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altman   (3591) Windows: separate parsemode from fs into own file
 2010-12-28 Jeffrey Altman   (3590) vos: free ubulkentries with xdr_free
 2010-12-27 Simon Wilkinson  (3598) tests: Add tests for afsconf_'s key functions
 2010-12-27 Simon Wilkinson  (3597) Don't trust # of entries from ListAttributes
 2010-12-27 Andrew Deason    (3575) Remove extra trailing \s in Makefiles
 2010-12-27 Simon Wilkinson  (3596) volser: Fix broken bulk conversion
 2010-12-27 Simon Wilkinson  (3595) vos: Abstract out bulk list conversion
 2010-12-27 Andrew Deason    (3584) Link hcrypto before roken
 2010-12-26 Russ Allbery     (3592) Update NEWS for 1.5.78 and 1.6.0pre1
 2010-12-26 Simon Wilkinson  (3593) auth: Add more tests and resulting fixes to userok
 2010-12-23 Derrick Brashear (3588) DAFS: listvol + unsalvagable volumes = intolerable delay
 2010-12-23 Andrew Deason    (3583) Prefer libHcurses over libcurses
 2010-12-23 Andrew Deason    (3582) HPUX: Put __HP_CURSES back in
 2010-12-22 Simon Wilkinson  (3579) rx: Make rx_atomic.h a shared header
 2010-12-22 Derrick Brashear (3564) LWP: kill dead code
 2010-12-22 Derrick Brashear (3556) LWP: don't copy pid to a null pointer
 2010-12-22 Andrew Deason    (3569) LINUX: Avoid unnecessary afs_ShakeLooseVCaches
 2010-12-22 Andrew Deason    (3433) LINUX: Reduce stack depth on recursive symlink res
 2010-12-21 Andrew Deason    (3568) Cache bypass: remove ifdefs under src/afs/LINUX24
 2010-12-21 Derrick Brashear (3565) DARWIN: replace resource merge script ref with binary
 2010-12-21 Derrick Brashear (3563) DARWIN: make growlagent build not run afoul of ._ fun
 2010-12-21 Derrick Brashear (3562) DARWIN: make ARCHFLAGS propagate to shlibs
 2010-12-21 Jeffrey Altman   (3546) Windows: fs chmod and display mode in fs examine
 2010-12-21 Derrick Brashear (3555) backup: pass in valid dummy pid for LWP
 2010-12-21 Andrew Deason    (3553) LINUX24: Include linux/pagemap.h
 2010-12-20 Andrew Deason    (3554) LINUX24: Define afs_linux_can_bypass
 2010-12-20 Benjamin Kaduk   (3551) FBSD7: Don't sleep with the glock
 2010-12-20 Benjamin Kaduk   (3549) FBSD: StopListener glocking fixup
 2010-12-20 Benjamin Kaduk   (3548) Bring FBSD 7.X client back to life
 2010-12-20 Benjamin Kaduk   (3550) Zero rx_multi_lock before initializing it
 2010-12-20 Jeffrey Altman   (3552) Windows: clear mountPointStringp on status change
 2010-12-20 Jeffrey Altman   (3545) Windows: Add VIOC_GETUNIXMODE and VIOC_SETUNIXMODE
 2010-12-19 Jeffrey Altman   (3544) Fix fallback processing for ktc_GetTokenEx()
 2010-12-18 Derrick Brashear (3542) darwin: fix fixed setpag error handling
 2010-12-16 Derrick Brashear (3532) macos nfs translator vnode ref fix
 2010-12-13 Anders Kaseorg   (3276) Linux: Fix AFS_NORETURN violation with osi_AssertFailK
 2010-12-13 Simon Wilkinson  (3139) opr: Add new queue implementation
 2010-12-13 Derrick Brashear (3403) refactor afs_CheckServers
 2010-12-13 Andrew Deason    (3498) Add ioctl-based AFS calls for Solaris 11
 2010-12-13 Jeffrey Altman   (3503) CellServDB update 13 Dec 2010
 2010-12-13 Jeffrey Altman   (3502) Windows: log error code for smb lan thread fail
 2010-12-12 Jeffrey Altman   (3500) Windows: PerformanceTuningInterval Merge error
 2010-12-10 Andrew Deason    (3499) Add afs init script for Solaris 11
 2010-12-10 Andrew Deason    (3494) DAFS: Avoid logging harmless LEAVE_OFF failures
 2010-12-10 Andrew Deason    (3493) DAFS: Fix VOL_QUERY_VOP error codes
 2010-12-10 Andrew Deason    (3497) DARWIN: Fix setpag syscall error detection
 2010-12-10 Christof Hanke   (3434) Fix mech of building export on AIX
 2010-12-10 Andrew Deason    (3492) Fix AUD_HOST callers
 2010-12-09 Andrew Deason    (3482) auth: Move <NoAuth> to a named constant
 2010-12-09 Andrew Deason    (3477) tvolser: Link libafsrpc after libusd
 2010-12-09 Andrew Deason    (3475) auth: Return SuperUser identity for localauth
 2010-12-08 Anders Kaseorg   (3491) rxi_NatKeepAliveEvent: Shrink excessive stack buffer
 2010-12-08 Derrick Brashear (3485) DAFS: make FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_VOP DAFS-only
 2010-12-08 Derrick Brashear (3484) DAFS: fix ifdef
 2010-12-07 Andrew Deason    (3472) SOLARIS: Free vcache mappings on shutdown
 2010-12-07 Jeffrey Altman   (3468) modify FindIndex to compare uuids
 2010-12-07 Derrick Brashear (3471) afsconf_SuperUser verify identity before use
 2010-12-07 Jeffrey Altman   (3469) Windows: partial impl of TokenEx functions
 2010-12-07 Jeffrey Altman   (3467) Windows: test for path in afs before symlink test
 2010-12-07 Marc Dionne      (3298) Lockless path through afs_linux_dentry_revalidate
 2010-12-07 Andrew Deason    (3465) RX: Always define kernel XDR symbols to be AFS XDR
 2010-12-07 Andrew Deason    (3368) Remove unreached lines
 2010-12-07 Andrew Deason    (3466) vol_split: Recover from stream open failure
 2010-12-07 Andrew Deason    (3464) tubik: Link with libafsauthent
 2010-12-07 Andrew Deason    (3463) roken: Export rk_daemon, not daemon
 2010-12-06 Andrew Deason    (3462) SOLARIS: Fix some rx_atomic.h warnings
 2010-12-06 Andrew Deason    (2548) libafs: Set tvcp->callback before BulkStatus
 2010-12-06 Derrick Brashear (3448) linux: avoid leaking parent when revalidating and it is /afs
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3440) Windows: build a UNICODE version of talocale.lib
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3446) Windows: fix checked UNICODE build of talocale
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3442) Windows: Build afs_shl_ext.dll with talocaleU.lib
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3441) Windows: install afs_shl_ext icon files
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3445) Windows: afs_shl_ext improve overlay handlers
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3444) Windows: afs_shl_ext Show icon mount point overlay
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3443) Windows: afs_shl_ext folder bkgrnd context menu
 2010-12-05 Jeffrey Altman   (3439) Windows: fix UNICODE build for talocale
 2010-12-04 Jeffrey Altman   (3419) Windows: Remove fallback from GetCaps to GetTime
 2010-12-04 Christof Hanke   (3435) Add .gitignore for tsm41
 2010-12-04 Andrew Deason    (3432) LINUX: Define zero_user_segment
 2010-12-03 Antoine Verheijen (3430) OpenBSD: Remove duplicate assignment of COMMON_INCLUDE in libafs
 2010-12-03 Antoine Verheijen (3429) Move include of sys/types.h in kopenafs.c
 2010-12-02 Derrick Brashear (3407) properly mark servers down for rx errors except OPCODE
 2010-12-02 Matt Benjamin    (2216) unix cm  rx-oblivious connection pooling
 2010-12-02 Derrick Brashear (3423) balance afs_vcount in non-linux CM
 2010-12-02 Derrick Brashear (3424) freebsd: properly track vcache references
 2010-12-02 Michael Meffie   (3421) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-12-02 Derrick Brashear (3420) osconf quoting for macros
 2010-12-02 Derrick Brashear (3408) configure: add lresolv to MT_LIBS
 2010-12-02 Antoine Verheijen (3418) OpenBSD: Fix variable name typo in osi_vcache.c
 2010-12-02 Antoine Verheijen (3417) OpenBSD: Fix use of mstat Length field in osi_vm.c
 2010-12-02 Antoine Verheijen (3405) OpenBSD: Use Darwin version of afsi_SetServerIPRank() for OpenBSD 4.7 and above.
 2010-12-01 Antoine Verheijen (3402) Darwin: Assign correct value to myDstaddr in afsi_SetServerIPRank()
 2010-12-01 Antoine Verheijen (3401) DARWIN: Fix processing using rx_ifaddr_* macros in afsi_SetServerIPRank()
 2010-12-01 Simon Wilkinson  (3397) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-12-01 Benjamin Kaduk   (3391) FBSD: clean up rx_socket teardown
 2010-12-01 Simon Wilkinson  (3400) Import of code from heimdal
 2010-12-01 Simon Wilkinson  (3399) util: Add definition of KRB5_BUFSIZ
 2010-12-01 Simon Wilkinson  (3398) Build and use roken's mkstemp
 2010-12-01 Simon Wilkinson  (3396) Import mkstemp.c from libroken

Patches merged into the stable 1.4.x branch

 Date       Committer       Change# Description
 2010-12-23 Andrew Deason    (3587) SOLARIS: Free vcache mappings on shutdown
 2010-12-23 Andrew Deason    (3586) UINT_MAX requires limits.h
 2010-12-23 Andrew Deason    (3585) rxkad heimdal cleanup
 2010-12-22 Andrew Deason    (3574) vos status: actually show created time
 2010-12-22 Andrew Deason    (3572) vol: Log ignored dirs that look like partitions
 2010-12-22 Christof Hanke   (3541) Honour --enable-debug for userspace parts
 2010-12-22 Andrew Deason    (3573) vos: Mark longjmp-used variables as 'volatile'
 2010-12-16 Derrick Brashear (3534) LINUX: Use correct type of error in flock code
 2010-12-15 Marc Dionne      (3529) Linux 2.4: Restore missing unlock_kernel()
 2010-12-14 Derrick Brashear (3523) update ticket5 from heimdal
 2010-12-14 Marc Dionne      (3512) Linux: define llseek operations
 2010-12-13 Jeffrey Altman   (3505) CellServDB update 13 Dec 2010
 2010-12-07 Antoine Verheijen (3426) OpenBSD: Add ifaddr_* macros to osi_machdep.h
 2010-12-07 Antoine Verheijen (3478) OpenBSD: Use Darwin version of afsi_SetServerIPRank() for OpenBSD 4.7 and above.
 2010-12-07 Antoine Verheijen (3474) Darwin: Assign correct value to myDstaddr in afsi_SetServerIPRank()
 2010-12-07 Antoine Verheijen (3473) DARWIN: Fix processing using ifaddr_* macros in afsi_SetServerIPRank()