OpenAFS Contributors

The OpenAFS project is the result of the ongoing collaboration of a large number of people. Many of these are the developers who design and implement improvements. Others contribute in different ways, such as coordinating development, writing documentation, or providing computing resources. All of these people are essential to the effort, and this page is an attempt to give them the credit they so richly deserve. If you feel you were missed, please let us know. Be assured it was not a deliberate oversight.

Initial Contribution

OpenAFS would be nothing were it not for IBM's decision to open source their existing AFS product. AFS had become an IBM product with their purchase of Transarc Corporation, and at the time it was open sourced, considerable effort was devoted to checking copyrights and code cleanup for the initial drop. Nothing we can say will likely convey the extent of this effort, so all we can do is offer our thanks.

Other Institutional Code Contributors

Several institutions have funded internal development of AFS code which has been contributed for inclusion in OpenAFS distributions.

Council of Elders

The "Council of Elders" was responsible for the overall direction of the OpenAFS project. The council consisted of respected leaders in the AFS community from education and government, plus technical and business representatives from IBM Pittsburgh Labs. They discussed major architectural and policy issues via electronic mail and during periodic telephone and face-to-face meetings.

Elders Emeriti

The following are the former members of the Council of Elders.

OpenAFS Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers are responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the OpenAFS code. They incorporate modifications into the master source tree, perform periodic releases, and handle other tasks needed to support continuing development. They also serve as the liasons to the OpenAFS development and user communities.

Gatekeepers Emeriti

The following are the former Gatekeepers.

Continuous Integration (Buildbot) host Providers

The following organizations and individuals have provided hosts to be used with the OpenAFS buildbot continuous integration test service:

Jason Edgecombe implemented the Buildbot integration with Gerrit.

Port Masters / Binary Release Builders

The following individuals are responsible for coordinating ports of OpenAFS to new platforms and/or building binary releases:

The following individuals have been responsible in the past and are thanked for their efforts:

Developers provides a summary of OpenAFS contributors.

The following people have contributed code and modifications to the OpenAFS development effort:


The following organizations and individuals have assisted the OpenAFS project by providing computer hardware, software licenses, and other resources on which the project depends: