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OpenAFS Git information

The OpenAFS source code is maintained using the Git revision control system in conjunction with Gerrit for code review. The Git repository is publicly accessible, both via the Git protocol and over the web.

To browse the source repository via the web, go to:

To clone the repository using Git, install a Git client if you have not already (see the Git download page to find one for your platform) and then run:

      git clone git://

This will download the full repository and leave a checked-out tree in a subdirectory of the current directory named openafs. The repository itself is in the .git subdirectory of that directory. WARNING: The repository is approximately 78MiB currently and will only grow, so it may take some time to download the first time over a slow network connection.

The current development series is in the branch named master. This is the code that forms the 1.7 release series. The current 1.6 code is in the openafs-stable-1_6_x branch. If you are developing new code, please start with the master branch.

If you are working from a checkout of the Git repository, you will need to run ./ in your working tree before you can run ./configure and build the code as normal. This requires Autoconf and Automake be available on your system. So the summary of commands to get started is:

      git clone git://
      cd openafs
      sh ./
      sh ./configure

For information about submitting patches and the Gerrit code review system used by OpenAFS, see the documentation in the wiki.