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OpenAFS 1.6.10 Release


Additional binaries may have been uploaded since this page was updated.

Note: There is a known issue affecting Linux clients, causing spurious ENOENT errors on fakestat mounts, often showing up as getcwd() failures. This problem had been fixed in the 1.6.8 release, but seems to be back in 1.6.10 due to a change fixing another issue. Please find the details in the later comments in the bug report.

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Version i386_fbsd_100

Version amd64_fbsd_100

Version i386_fbsd_92

Version amd64_fbsd_92

Version i386_fbsd_91

Version amd64_fbsd_91

Version i386_fbsd_84

Version amd64_fbsd_84


Oracle Solaris

Version 11-x86

Version 11

Version 10-x86

Version 10

RedHat Enterprise Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise